How do you hit the ground running as an SDR?

Hi all, I've decided to make the decision to move from Product to Sales. I am currently in the process of applying for multiple B2B SDR roles and I have a couple of 1st/2nd round interviews lined up (not to mention a couple of rejections stacking up on the "experience pile".

I am very driven to become the best at Sales that I can be, and as such, I want to "wow" my new company so that I can progress from SDR to BDM as soon as possible. My personal reason for making the switch from Product to Sales though was to become the challenger/closer that I know I am. However, after taking some advice from a previous post I made in this forum (thank you all btw), I am applying for SDR roles (and not BDM roles right now) because I know I can learn a lot about Sales and myself via this role.

I would love to get some feedback/wisdom on how someone like me could really impress my new boss/company by smashing their targets.

— If you're a manager, I'd love to know what your perfect SDR looks like.
— If you're an SDR (or previously were one) please tell me what you've found to be most important through your own experiences.
— If you have any other role, feel free to give some input about Sales in general that you believe everyone should know in order to do well.

Note: I am a 26 year old Australian male with 2 years of technical Product Management experience, but very little Sales experience. The only sales books I have read are Fanatical Prospecting and The Challenger Sale.

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      7 months, 2 weeks ago

      I’ve always found that the ability to listen to the prospect and then bridge their comments to something you want to share or ask can make the interaction more conversational. Listening is something we forget to do when we are concerned with what to say, make a point to hear the prospect.

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      7 months, 2 weeks ago

      -I wish you were here is the U.S. we would love to give you a shot. As a sales director I can tell you we are looking for people that are curious, genuine, empathetic, ambitious, and full of grit. All these elements play a unique role in making a strong SDR and eventually AE!
      -As you are applying for roles be sure to use all the things that someone would expect an SDR to perform. Did you research, did you follow up with email and social messages, is your resume positioned with a sales tilt to highlight the connection of your existing skills to success in sales.

      Just a few thoughts before I head to the next meeting, best of luck to you!

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      7 months, 2 weeks ago

      Depends who is being sold to, but some god-damn confidence is super valuable. If I’m asking someone to cold call C-level staff, I need them to be bold and have some personality. I need you to get in there and have a conversation. I don’t need you to ring people and pitch them.

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      7 months, 2 weeks ago

      How’s the hunt going, @g-bks?

      I thought these articles may be helpful:

      How to Find, Get, and Excel in Your First Sales Job

      How to Succeed in Sales: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Starting Out

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      7 months, 1 week ago

      Hi Bokas,

      First of all congratulations on making a switch. As someone who made the switch from marketing to SDR and then leadership, it really makes a great transition.

      I would look to familiarize yourself with the SDR role overall and some of the most common tools you will be using. The Sales Development Playbook by Trish Bertuzzin will give you some insight into how an SDR team is designed, and executed.

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      7 months ago

      Hi ! Bokas,
      Firstly, it’s great to seek insights from senior Sales pros if you have already determined to carve a career out of this !

      Some of the essential qualities a Sales guy is made up of (according to my 18 years of B2B sales exposure) are listed below. Hope it helps 🙂

      1) A keen observer of human behavior.
      2) Patient Listener.
      3) Eye for details.
      4) Team player
      5) Constant endeavor
      6) Self reviewer
      7) Good follower
      8) Data driven
      9) Quick course correction
      10) Customer centric
      11) Punctual
      12) Resilient
      13) Does not give up easily.
      14) Jovial
      15) Prioritization with proper time management
      16) Disciplined
      17) Health conscious

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      4 months, 1 week ago

      hey bokas! @jeffswan18 made a 2 minute video answering your question!


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      3 months, 1 week ago

      well,i my sales have also join these market thrends

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