Has anyone found any good Revenue Operations / Sales Operations blogs?

This channel is great for asking questions and I try to chime in where I think I can help but I was curious if anyone knows of some good blogs written by Rev / Sales Ops people. Most of what I have found tends to be from vendors and the few non vendor ones seems to be short on content. Thanks!

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      2 weeks ago

      I’m a huge fan of @taft_love, and follow his updates on LinkedIn, and also at IcebergOps.com.

      I guess technically he’s got his own company, so you could call him a vendor, but really he’s not selling software – he’s selling his impressive know-how. He’s also a super great guy, and I’ve found him to be generous with his knowledge.

      Hilary Headlee (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hilaryheadlee/) is also a really great person to follow. She’s got experience in both Enablement and Operations, and is just incredible smart. Definitely an authority.

      Also tagging in @bnash, who runs Content @ Sales Hacker. Let us know what kinds of questions/topics you’re hoping to read about, @geoff-land, and maybe we can get some more Ops content right here for you.

      • Colin thanks for the response! I have Iceberg Ops on the list. Taft does produce some really good content. Technically they are vendor but their stuff is more applicable than a lot of the other stuff that just relates the Sales Ops role to their products.

        I try to break Ops down into 4 categories: Data, People, Process, and Technology. I been working in this space for a long time in various startups but I like to hear from other folks on what they do to solve some of the common challenges. Things Like:

        Data Enrichment
        Data Cleansing
        Various Technologies used in the Sales Ops / Rev Ops
        Various Processes used to improve Sales Effectiveness
        Reporting beyond the basics
        SFDC process improvements

        I’m sure there is more, but this is what is top of mind for me.


        • Nice! Taft is the man.

          Since you’ve been in Ops for a while, you might already know, but just in case you don’t: check out Modern Sales Pros. It’s a Google Group, and has a strong Sales Ops focus.

    • hi @geoff-land — Revenue Collective has a strong RevOps channel, but I’d agree with Colin, this is MSP’s turf.

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