Third Interview landed for an SDR role, can anyone give me insight?


I just landed a third interview for an SDR role at a tech company. What should I expect and what questions should I ask to impress the hiring manager?

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    • Profile picture of Andrew Miller
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      2 months ago

      hey Henrick. congrats on making it this far!

      a few questions I like to ask during the hiring process.

      how do I become successful in this role?
      SDR is one of the hardest jobs… especially now with COVID… how do you cushion the blow? (you get beat up as an SDR)
      What differs from AE to SDR?
      What’s holding me back from AE?
      is there a TL to becoming AE?

      Best of luck

    • Profile picture of Alejandro Cabral
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      2 months ago

      Congrats @hvillalona1992! First thing first, if you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re among the finalists. I sincerely hope you get the job!

      That being said you’ve gone through the hard-skills thing first probably, just for them to see if you know what the BDR role entails from a day-to-day perspective.

      I would expect them to get a bit more strategic, and ask about your knowledge beyond your time management, call-making, linkedin-prospecting skills. You can expect questions such as “why should we hire you?” “what will you bring to the team that no else would?” and stuff like that. You might even hear questions like “where will you be in 2 years from now, and how will you get there?”.

      The point is DO NOT come with prepared answers. Trust yourself, you’ve got this. Keep it honest, keep it short but rich and you’ll be fine.

      Good luck!

    • Profile picture of Katie Ray
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      2 months ago

      Hi @hvillalona1992! One of the most important questions to ask will be towards the end. Whenever they ask you if you have any questions, you should definitely say something like “We have spent a lot of time together learning about each other and the role, and I feel very comfortable with the duties and know that I can hit the ground running day one. What concerns do you have that would stop you from hiring me today?” Give them a chance to express concerns OR they could say that you’ve checked all their boxes and they are good to go. You should also ask what you can expect as far as a timeline, if you’ll hear back regardless, etc.

      • Profile picture of Caleb Langkamp
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        2 months ago

        Second this. I always use it as my last question.

        Always great to ensure that you conveyed what you intended to and even more so that the interviewer understood it!

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