Content Briefs for Sales Teams?

I am working with our Marketing Team to put together "Content Briefs" on infographics, whitepapers, etc to enable our Sales Team members to quickly grasp the value of our content and why it's a good read for the intended audience.

Does anyone have any example of how their Enablement or Marketing Teams do this? The upside I am hoping for is we can more quickly and easily tailor email templates, fields in our CRM and talk-tracks to allow sales teams to hit the ground running.

I am working on "Content Brief Outline" - which you sparked the idea of when we met a while back. You may have these in place, or were working towards them.
Fields I've brainstormed:
- Content Name (long name, short name: ex: "A ClearCut Analysis of Beauty Supplement Sales on Amazon" | "Beauty Supplements Infographic")
- Intended Audience: titles or persona, business type (brands, manufacturers, etc)
- Content Description (example on a Landing page with Paragraph + bullets)
- Value Prop: 1-2 sentence "snippet" of why content is meaningful and applicable to the audience (could be repurposed from Content Description)
- Use Case: Checkboxes for: Product Development, Measuring Brand Performance, etc...
[Sales to add on to each Brief]: Brief Talk track for both Inbound and Outbound calls pertaining to the Asset/Content

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