Commercial Use Of Popular Images For Memes/Animate GIFs?

Hello all,

Does anyone have any insight on the legality around using popular imagery and or animated GIFs for commercial purposes?

For example, there is a great animated GIF of The Hulk punching Thor, from the MCU movies. Thor gets knocked right out of the camera frame. Here's the link to the GIF - https://imgur.com/gallery/A3pSzxm. This animated GIF, with a little bit of text overlayed on The Hulk and on Thor, along with a bit of personalization, then sent out in cold email outreach to possibly hundreds or even thousands of recipients, would do a great job of storytelling for a client of mine.

I know I can get and use much more generic imagery, but I'm interested in the possibility of using imagery that is more in the cultural cannon.

Any insights, stories, case studies, or other examples would be greatly appreciated.

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