Dialers with 'voicemail drop'(?) capability

Hello community,

I've heard tell of dialers that have the capability to do what I think is referred to as 'voicemail drop', though I could well be using the wrong terminology.

What I'm looking for is a dialer that, when I reach somebody's voicemail, I can push a button/click a link and hang up so as to move on to my next dial. Meanwhile, the dialer will do the work of leaving the prerecorded message for me, (my voice, of course), while I am already into the next call.

And to take it up a step, I've also heard tell of dialers that do the above, but that also allow you to personalize the message being left. For example, when I hit somebody's voicemail, say Bob Smith, I could click whatever button on the dialer, say "Hi Bob", and then click send, or hang up, or whatever would come next. Meanwhile, the dialer would take my "Hi Bob" message, splice it to the rest of the prerecorded message, and deliver it as one more or less seamless message. To the recipient, Bob, it would sound like "Hi Bob, Jay here from XYZ company....."

Anyone that knows anything on this topic, I'm keen to hear your thoughts.


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