Google & New Email Addresses To Send From

Hello all, I'm working with a new company that wants to spin up their outbound outreach in a big hurry. I am aware that there are all kinds of anti-spam protections in place, but does anyone know if starting to send at low volume from multiple brand-new email addresses, (not a lot of time to warm them up, like just a few days), and slowly building up the volume from each address will flag any spam blockers? I'm thinking start each new address of at 5, maybe 10 emails per day, and each week increase that by 5-10 emails daily.

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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      To clarify – Week 1 would be, say 10 emails per day from each email address, spaced out over the day Week 2 would be 20 emails per day Week 3, 30 email per day And so on, and so on…

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      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      That approach should be OK Jay from what I have seen with our SDR team / new inboxes & ramp up

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