Sales Tech Stack Reboot

Hi all, So I am looking at the sales tech stack for a client at the moment, and thinking I am going to have to rip out and replace a couple pieces of the puzzle.

Right now they have:

CRM - HubSpot
Lead Gen - Amplemarket
EM Sending - Amplemarket

HubSpot: HS can be frustrating at times, there are a ton of good parts to it and it's not going anywhere. (Exclusion lists for sales sequence emails seems to be an impossible task, as is getting email open count data into the Contacts view so as to be filterable, sortable, and exportable.) Regardless, I don't see us getting rid of HubSpot.

Lead Gen I'm finding myself not a big fan of Amplemarket for a few reasons. I haven't done enough phone outreach yet to make a statistically relevant call on the validity of the phone data, but of the calls I have made a significant volume seem to be bad numbers. Further, getting the phone numbers out of Amplemarket, at least for CSV enrichment purposes, seems to be nearly impossible (I uploaded a 100 prospect CSV this week, and had to individually click the phone icon for each of the 100 prospects to get their phone number(s) downloaded.

I know both Zoominfo and Apollo quite well. Zoominfo is obviously the king of lead gen platforms, (with a kingly price), and Apollo is a decently close 2nd, per both my own experience and the G2 Grid rating.

If anyone has any insights or suggestions as to a preferred and reputable lead gen database/platform with high data validity ratings and a native HubSpot integration, I'd love to hear from you.

EM Sending: We are sending EM via both HubSpot and Amplemarket right now. I've not done much sending via Amplemarket, but with HubSpot we are getting roughly 50% open rates and, to the best of my knowledge, a very low bounce rate. However, I use Growbots for email sending for a different client, and I am seeing open rates ranging from 69% on the low end, to 92% on the high end, (across more than 1,700 sends across 7 campaigns).

Growbots allows up to 20 email addresses to be added to each seat, with a suggestion of no more than 150 sends per day max, once you are warmed up and have ramped up to that point. I'm a huge fan of the platform itself as it’s very user friendly and has some excellent features, but also their support is top notch and always right on top of things.

I know there are a ton of new tools and platforms out there, so if anyone has a good recommendation for an EM sending platform that integrates nicely with HubSpot, I’m all ears…! Thanks.

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