How to build a scalable revenue engine?

Hi SH nation!

What do you believe is the correct framework for building out the revenue engine across marketing, sales, and CS?

-Jeff Ignacio

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    • Profile picture of Kerry Brix
      ( 190 POINTS )
      3 weeks, 5 days ago

      Depends on the maturity of your company, what are you selling, who you are selling to, which channels, price points, how do you customers buy?

      • Profile picture of Jeff Ignacio
        ( 310 POINTS )
        3 weeks, 5 days ago

        Definitely makes sense. I have a few diagnostic questions I use:

        1) Do you know your ICP? At the company and individual level?
        2) What stage of the company maturity cycle are you?
        3) Channels: product led growth, sales only, sales + marketing, channel
        4) ASP? Indicates buying authority needed and therefore path to Decision Maker

        Broadly speaking it does help to lay out the 10,000 foot view into:

        1) Engagement (marketing = qualified pipeline or trials)
        2) Execution (sales or self-serve execution)
        3) Growth (returning customers, paying more)

    • Profile picture of Moeed Amin
      ( 670 POINTS )
      2 weeks, 6 days ago

      What you are asking is all based around one thing: behaviour. The behaviour of your buyers and their industry and then the behaviours you need from your commercial function to engage with the buyers.

      There are 24 competencies for building and scaling a healthy sales function. These include things like hiring & onboarding, training and coaching, incentives and targeting etc.

      You won’t need to be equally mature in all areas, but how mature you need to be will be determined by 5 forces:

      1. Your company goals
      2. Your buyer market and industry
      3. Your competitive ambitions and how you compare with your competitors
      4. The products and services you sell
      5. The macroeconomic environment.

      These 5 forces, will determine which of the 24 competencies are important and therefore how good you are in each. The gap between importance and effectiveness will theoretically guide you on which competencies are priorities.

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