What motivates you in your job?

Hello everyone, my names Jen and i'm a Finance Manager!

I've been thinking lately about interview questions when i've been hiring and wonder what the best answer to this question, actually is.

- Managing a challenge?
- Getting required results and hitting quota?
- Achievement and Recognition?

It's obviously about your own personal motivation, but i could potentially see a flaw in the personality of all these answers...

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    • Working hard and then seeing the impact of my contribution!

    • So i’m in Customer Success so it may sound like a bit of a cliche, but the customer feedback motivates me! I could say that successful renewals ect. are the best, but to be honest, the feedback about how much impact our product and team have on our customers and how happy and supported they feel, makes a HUGE difference to my motivation. If they’re happy, i’m happy!

    • Seeing my team growing and excelling!

    • As an SDR i find it so motivating when my meetings booked convert to sales won…. Motivation is something that has to link to your role as it demonstrates your passion for your career.

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