Overcoming Objections

Hello Insiders -

I know this is something all of us in Sales deal with, so I am curious, what is your method or best practices for overcoming these?

Cant wait to learn from everyone!

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      1 week ago

      Always love to hear what others are doing to navigate the world of objections! When I run into objections on my Discoveries and Demos, there’s a decent chance it’s a common objection I’ve heard before. In those cases I can use my previous practice and roleplays I have done to answer those best. Practice makes perfect!

      However, when I’m met with objections I haven’t heard before or were simply not expecting, I refer back to a few resources I’ve read/seen here as well as from Gong, Josh Braun, Chris Voss, and others which is to pause for a moment. Pause and take a breath, and truly listen and understand the objection. Sometimes the best course from there is to handle their objection with a question so you can better understand. From there the conversation can go lots of ways, but here’s an article form Gong which includes a helpful structure: https://www.gong.io/blog/objection-handling-techniques/

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