What helpful marketing KPI's resonate with a sales-minded audience?

Hello Community!

I work as a lead development manager at a SaaS company and as we are approaching our first QBR with our sales team and leadership, what are some helpful KPIs do you feel that would resonate with a sales-minded audience?

I already have the usual suspects MQL's/SQL's/Opps and because I manage our Inside Salesperson I am going to share some of her statistics as I have been able to double her production YOY.

Appreciate your help!

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    • Hey Joe! I want to make sure I understand a little more context around your question. Do you also cover top of the funnel for Marketing functions? Or do you just have the sales pipeline from MQL as a Marketing handoff through the customer close?

      The dials you can turn in Sales are deal volume (which is a little tricky for Inbound), deal size, deal velocity, and close rate. You can get a little more granular with things like ‘add-on rate’ or ‘bundling’, but very generally that’s included with deal size.

      If you’re asking for the Marketing KPI’s you could share, I think there’s a different set of answers for that.

      • My focus is strictly on the things that go into sales pipeline. We have another person who focuses on PPC, cost per lead, etc.

        Does that make sense?

        • Got it. That would be interesting to see then, for example, has she been able to increase average deal size selling higher-ticket products/packages, have deals moved faster through the pipeline (say, from Opp creation to Closed/Won), and has deal volume increased (you mention ‘double her production’)? Those are great.

          At an executive level you might work that into your unit economics. I’m not sure if you have level of insight into the company books? If not, it would be a fun conversation for you to tee up with your leadership and/or C-level team if you want a get a look from them as the future CRO. 🙂

          I think you’re on the right track, Joe.

    • Already a great answer from @incredibleco, but just wanted to stop by to suggest you work together with sales leadership to agree on an attribution model, so you can point to leads created and the share of actual revenue that can be attributed to marketing’s effort on that lead.

      A few thoughts on that: sales teams sometimes view attribution as “marketing taking credit or partial credit for sales’ deals”. Don’t let that be the case. The point of doing the exercise isn’t to prove your worth – it’s to discover which of your marketing activities are most valuable to your sales colleagues in dollar terms. It takes the guesswork out of how you prioritize your time, and makes them more money. 🙂

      Here’s a good overview of attribution models:

      My friend @hhanderson broke down some of her marketing genius (and specifics about how she applies attribution models at Outreach here):

    • Joe do you have anything on the number of deals per rep increase, deal sizes or pipeline velocity? I’ve done some work as an SDR and SDR Manager and one of the areas we were able to show is how we added more deals to their pipeline, some of the deals tended to be larger than average and they moved more quickly through the pipeline. If you are able to show how your efforts lead to bigger deals that close more quickly, your sales audience will be hanging on your every word. Hope the numbers work out for you and you can quantitatively show how you are adding real value that impacts their quota / commission. At the end of the day if you want to get your message across to sales rep you have to show how this impacts their quota / commission in a positive way.

      Sales reps are measured in a variety of ways but the #1 thing is quota. As a sales rep you can be great at everything else but if you don’t make your number you’ll be gone.

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