Sequence Throttle Settings for Outreach

Hi everyone - our team is reaching sending limits quite frequently. Is there a best way to set up sequence throttles based on organisation and global throttle limits? Would you say set the sequence throttle to 50 if the organisation throttle is 150 sends/day? What is the best way to find the right match?

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      2 months, 1 week ago

      Hey Katherine, sending limits in Outreach vs. those by Gmail/Outlook, etc, are quite different.

      Personally, I’d recommend throttling the number of prospects added instead of the emails sent. Mainly because emails will compound over time based on the number of prospects added and emails within the sequence – thus 150 sends/day are rather low.

      Therefore, turn email throttling off, and prospect throttling on. Unless, of course, the team is meant to personalize more. You’ll likely need to make your sequence more manual than automation.

      This is an assumption of course. If you can provide more information, I can try to provide a clearer recommendation. (eg, what are your bounce rates, are you being blacklisted, are you running mainly automation or manual, etc?)

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        2 months, 1 week ago

        Appreciate the guidance, @bennygtm!

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        2 months, 1 week ago

        Thank you @bennygtm! This is very helpful. We’ve just moved onto Outreach. In HubSpot we were seeing an average of 9% bounce rate, but suddenly had our SDR Gmail addresses deactivated 10 times in Q1 (normally this would happen 1-5 times per quarter). I’ve checked our domain health and can’t find consistent results when it comes to blacklists. There’s been a few sites that say we are on 1-2 blacklists but when I investigate further I can’t actually find out more. What would you recommend for prospect throttling? Right now we have on 50 per day per sequence.

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      2 months, 1 week ago

      Hey Katherine.

      I would set your global limits to the same number that Gmail allows, I believe it’s 1,000 or 1,500. Now, to be clear, I’m not saying you should try to reach that level of email engagement per day!

      PLEASE, NO!

      The sequence itself should be where you are controlling the flow of engagement. The global throttle is to make sure you aren’t over-sending based on your email service providers limits and getting locked out of your email for 24 hours… which happens to bad actors.

      I’d set the sequence daily limit to 5-10 depending on how many sequences you have running at any given time, and depending on how many steps are in the sequence (auto and manual).

      It’s a rather complex equation but Zoominfo has a cool calculator you can use to see if you are asking your reps to do more than possible in a day.

      Check it out here – https://pipeline.zoominfo.com/sales/the-outbound-output-calculator-whats-your-sdr-quota-sweet-spot Hope this helps.

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      2 months, 1 week ago

      Hi @katherineairfocus! When it comes to setting up sequence throttles, it’s important to consider both the organization’s overall sending limits and the global throttle limits. In general, you want to ensure that your sequence throttle aligns with the higher of the two limits to avoid hitting any caps or restrictions. In this case, if the organization throttle is 150 sends per day, then setting the sequence throttle to 50 may be too low. You may want to consider setting the sequence throttle higher, perhaps at 100 or 125, to ensure you are taking full advantage of the available sending limits. To find the right match, it’s important to test and adjust your sequence throttles over time. Monitor your email deliverability rates and make adjustments as necessary to ensure your emails are getting through to your intended recipients. Additionally, you may want to consider using email deliverability tools or working with an email deliverability expert to optimize your sending strategy and ensure the best possible results. Do you already know how to set up sequence throttles or how to adjust them based on different scenarios? Feel free to reach out/reply if you want to know more! 🙂

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        1 month, 3 weeks ago

        Hi Robyn! This is really helpful, thank you! Is there anywhere I can find the global throttle limits? Right now we’re working at 300 email sends per day and 50 sequence adds per day, which seems to be working fine. I’m worried that increasing our sequence throttle will cause a bottleneck down the line when there are multiple steps of the sequence sending emails on the same day. How would you recommend testing/adjusting?

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