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    • Hi Everyone,

      I’m Matt Chorba from Columbus, OH. I work as a Sales Engineer in the commercial videoconferencing/audio/video space, for a company called iVideo Technologies.

      I’m here to switch it up and gain the skills to get to the next level. I need to learn how to develop the best outbound sales cadence and how to get actionable business intelligence on my prospects (I need to start by building my buyer personas and tech stack).

      I also want to know how to work with architects and GCs to get in on projects as a design assist company very early on in the process.

      People are free to ask me about my experiences with selling and maintaining Fortune 100 and SMB accounts.

      An interesting fact about me is I love hot rods and dream of building one from scratch.

    • Hey Sales Hackers!

      I’m Colin Campbell from Milford, MA – about 1 hr outside of Boston and Providence, RI.

      I lead the Sales Hacker team, and love what I do 😍! I’ve been a marketer, salesperson, and customer-centric revenue person for ~10 years.

      As I type this, I’m mostly interested in picking up skills related to change management, project management, and Revenue Operations. I haven’t looked into any certifications for any of that yet, but if you’ve got recommendations, let me know!

      If you want, you can ask me about:
      – content marketing
      – SEO
      – copywriting
      – management & leadership (I give great advice if you’re early in your career. I’m still learning too.)
      – community strategy
      – remote work life
      – mountain biking
      – guitar
      – dogs

      Interesting fact about me: I ran a peer-reviewed academic journal in my undergrad days.

      • What type of guitars do you have?

        • Hey @elvis135

          Right now I’ve got a Martin DX1R and a Fender Strat Special Edition in Koa, but I’ve been thinking about finding a used les paul to replace it.

          Haven’t been playing as much as I’d like to, these days, but I noodle 🙂


          • Nice sounding strat! I had a Martin D41 which I loved. Not sure I’d give up that Strat. LPs are so different – sound, playability, and weight.

            • Hmm. I haven’t actually shopped around, I just know I’d love to have something with humbuckers. Any suggestions under $1k?

              • Have you checked out the FireFLy line from Amazon. They run out quickly. Inexpensive but very gigable. Do a YouTube search.

      • I liked the way you have introduced yourself. I come from management consultant side and I was told to learn sales skills to advance in my career. Still learning the ropes and hope to get better over the time.

    • Hey Squad – I’m Jake Bernstein from Chicago, IL and I am the Director of Sales for ClearCut Analytics — we’re an eCommerce Analytics company helping CPG brands remove blindspots to grow faster. Since we’re a smaller company, I coach, manage and pinch-hit in deals too.

      I’d like to get better at creating more predictability across our sales process – notably on the Sales Development side of the coin. I track a lot, coach well, but need to understand some of the “bigger picture” to ensure we hit our goals. Plus, keeping team motivated beyond just morale-building.

      Ask me about:
      – Early-stage Sales Process, Team and Systems for tech companies
      – Building company culture and employee engagement
      – Coaching
      – Back to the Future trilogy

      Interesting fact about me? My ‘celebrity’ doppelganger is an ex-NFL kicker. When I was younger, I appeared on the Jumbo Tron 7 times in one game, split-screened with the kicker, because we looked so much alike.

      Oh, also, I was born 10 weeks premature — 2 lbs, 14 ounces.

      • Thanks for being a part of the community Jake, I think it would be interesting to learn how other companies improve predictability as well. And when I was younger I was told I looked like Nev Campbell.

      • Hey Jake! We love having you apart of the community! You definitely know your stuff- so if anyone is interested in learning more about what he mentioned above, message him!

      • Hey Jake – I’m sure you’re following a sales strategy but if consistency and predictability you should look into Gap Selling with Keenan? And a good friend and excellent sales consultant is David Masover. You can find him on Linkedin.


        PS – I used to live and work in the Windy City and loved it! Even when it was 50 below!

    • Profile picture of Darcie Ludeman
      ( 270 POINTS )
      3 months ago


      I’m Darcie from Minnesota. Just landed my first Scheduling Specialist role. I’m brand new to this kind of thing.
      My only experience in sales is through years of upselling in the F&B industry. Not this kind of sales lol
      Any advice or guidance appreciated. I want to learn about the technique of selling the idea of the consultation phone call.
      I’m not selling the product. I just need to get them on the consultation call for the owners to sell the product.
      I love this so far! I’m commission only so I need to learn as fast as I can to get these appts. and then make some money!
      Fun Fact…
      I am a basketball official and have reffed for over 15 years. All levels and Minnesota High School League!

    • Profile picture of Jeff Shick
      ( 400 POINTS )
      3 months ago

      I am a small business startup expert with 13 startups over 30 years. My companies specialized in Advertising, Home Security, Insurance, Investments, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Business Income Tax Credit Capture, Financial Planning, Construction-Erosion Control, Land Development Real Estate, Personal & Business credit score maximization, Credit Availability Maximization, Credit Expense Minimization. Commercial Lending, Factoring, SBA and Traditional small business loans and finally Small business asset protection planning. All of my companies were marketing prospecting selling and servicing their customers. They all started with an idea and one customer.

      I am now researching and establishing what services and or products small biz wants free and low cost access to that I can provide and will allow me to establish relationship and report with them., Then lead them to invest in low and high cost detailed and specific business planning. I am leaning into podcasting and blogging simultaneously for a season then with revenue and audience established adding a YouTube channel.

      Let me know if I missed anything?


      • Hey @jeffshick – that’s an incredible work history you’ve got.

        And your game plan for the next several months is interesting too. Any immediate insights to share about what services SMBs are seeking low-cost access to right now?

        • Hey Colin, they are mostly looking for the impossible under some form of unusual circumstances causing their immediate pain point.

      • Hey Jeff! Welcome! What an amazing career you have had! You will definitely find some great resources here. Don’t hesitate to start asking for best practices for research under the discussions channel.

    • Profile picture of Windsor Roberts
      ( 350 POINTS )
      3 months ago

      Good evening everyone

      My name is Windsor Roberts and I look after the New Business Development at a start-up in the ‘push notification’ space. The business is based on the Isle of Man (famous for it’s TT races) but I actually live and work from Biarritz, SW France. It’s the most amazing place in the world (but rains just a little too much)!

      Pushologies have developed a truly innovative in-app direct to consumer engagement platform which delivers so much more than just standard push notifications. Whether its video push, highly visual branded notifications, interactive full-screen in-app takeovers, direct call to action templates or gamification, Pushologies unique technology is enabling brands to deliver more impactful, personalised engagement with their customers directly within their own apps. My role is to open the door to any business that has an app, an audience and content!

      I want to learn to take time off and would love to learn to fish (fly)!

      The only interesting fact about me is that in 1984, I achieved the distance to qualify for the men’s triple-jump at the Olympics but (stupidly) decided to follow my desire to become a professional cricket player!

      Very happy to connect with anyone who would like to connect.

      Stay safe and well.


      • Hey @windsorroberts! Welcome to the Sales Hacker community.

        Your space is pretty hot right now. It must be tough to compete for new business with all the noise! Can’t wait to learn from your example in discussions.

        Also, that triple jump fact is pretty incredible! I was on the track & field team in high school, and triple jump was by far my favorite event, even though I wasn’t particularly good at it. 😁

        • Great to meet @colin-campbell

          To be honest, we are winning so much business from the standard push notification providers, it is unreal. There has been little or no evolution of ‘notifications’ for the last 5 years and what we’ve brought is really catching the attention and the situation with the virus, no fans in stadiums, demand for content being at an all-time high, is helping our case.

          I was naturally talented at the triple jump but had too big a first jump which meant my second and third were lacking power!

      • Hey Windsor! Welcome! I loved getting to know you during the onboarding call! Learning to take time off is actually something I struggle with, so I get you there!

    • Hey Everyone! I am Joe Latchaw, and I am from Cincinnati. I currently work as the Lead Development Manager at a SaaS company and am fortunate to be a founding community member with SH.

      I am always looking to get better at reporting. Analyzing data and coming up with patterns doesn’t come easy to me.

      People should ask me about being human in sales and the joys of leading on-site and remote teams.

      An interesting fact about me is I had a try out with a professional BMX team, but shattered my wrist the week beforehand 🙁

      • Hey Joe!

        For those of you that dont know, Joe actually is one of our amazing Community Leaders! So say hi to him!

    • Hey all! 👋

      I’m AJ Alonzo from Boston, MA. Currently heading up the marketing efforts at demandDrive (we help companies build out SDR functions). Also working on building out the SDRev community – resources focused solely on the sales dev side of things.

      I love the surge in micro-communities that have been popping up – I fully believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. If we come together to help one another in these community settings (SH, RevGenius, OppGen, etc.) then we can seriously impact the sales, marketing, and revenue profession as a whole.

      In terms of what I want to get better at – it’s gotta be interviewing. My role has really shifted towards a ‘host’ of sorts – either for podcasts, events, or discussion moderation. And I love it, but I’m still working on it. Definitely some skills there that I need to refine to make me a better host.

      Feel free to ask me anything and everything about sales dev. I was an SDR for ~3 years before switching to the marketing side of things, and I’ve made it my goal to create content for sales dev pros. I don’t believe that the profession should be shoved to the bottom of the totem pole – IMO, it should be at the very top.

      Interesting fact about me – I love playing disc sports. I was a competitive Ultimate Frisbee player in college and my early 20’s. I still play, but more casually. I did pick up disc golf duinrg the pandemic and immediately fell in love with the sport. So if anyone is in the MA area and has the itch to get out on the course when the weather warms up, DM me! I’d be happy to get a few rounds in 😊

      • Hey AJ!
        We love having you apart of the SH community!

        AJ knows all things SDR’s and marketing- so reach out to him for SDR and marketing questions!

    • Hello Sales Hacker & Katie

      Thank you for the welcome.

      I am Salvador and located in Calgary, Canada. I work for Schneider Electric and into sales for our UPS Industrial Division.

      I ‘d like to catch up with new ways of doing virtual business in this new environment, so I’m looking to increase my knowledge in sales development, sales operations and learn how should I open up the conversation and gain customer’s interest, what might be the best way to break in a segment and generate leads. I’d like to learn.

      You can ask me about my experience in customer service as I’ve been working with the company for more than 12 years, so I have good knowledge in industrial UPS systems and business skills when negotiating maintenance contracts, spare part offers, trainings, etc.

      This is the first time I am in full sales mode as in the past I was living and South America and worked as a customer service engineer having a dual role in services and sales. I was transferred back in 2019 and pretty much got caught with the pandemic in a new country with no many customers to connect with and not being able to introduce myself physically, so that put me in a more difficult spot with additional challenges.

      • Hey Salvador! Welcome! We actually have a webinar coming up that you would LOVE! It’s all about doing business in a new digital age. Keep an eye for the webinar invite!

    • Hello to all! I am Kelly Bryan and have recently been laid off from Software Sales. I was in Medical Sales for many years and I am looking to get into Medical Software for my next position. I want to learn about all the new aspects of sales as it is a changing market- and I like to keep up with the latest technology.
      What can you ask me: You can ask me to connect on Linkedin and hopefully we can network with eachother.

      Interesting fact: I have 3 adopted dogs all female small, medium and large and my husband is the only male amongst 5 of us!

      • Hey Kelly! Welcome! Oh no! We hate hearing that. Definitely Check out our Jobs and Hiring board for upcoming roles!

        Also- love that you have 3 dogs! We also have 3 adopted dogs!

    • I’m Drew Coryer, SDR Manager at Formstack.

      I’d like to get better at EVERYTHING! Using video for sales, copywriting, leading my team, and motivating are things that come to the top of my mind.

      I’m happy to give feedback or ideas on teambuilding, cold-calling, objection handling, closing deals, prospecting, or career growth.

      An interesting fact – I was immersed in the poker industry for most of my 20’s and was a world-class dealer; I worked the World Series of Poker, on the strip in Las Vegas, in Colorado, and even a World Poker Tour event in Slovakia!

      • Welcome @drew-coryer, I like learning about everything myself. I can see you writing a post on What I learned from the world series of poker and how it impacts sales.

      • Hey Drew! Welcome! As you know, we have a lot of resources for you to learn about everything in sales, and sales organizations. I know you are a great resource when it comes to the areas you mentioned above. We are happy to have you here!

    • Profile picture of Pavel Fyodorov
      ( 520 POINTS )
      2 months, 3 weeks ago

      Hey Hackers!
      I’m Pavel from St. Petersburg, Russia. I am a Head of Sales at Icons8.com and Generated.Photos. We produce lots of cool stuff for creators. We provide design assets (icons, vectors, photos), graphic tools and software. Plus we use AI to edit images and create synthetic photos of humans.
      I want to improve processes for my inside sales team and make sales more predictable. I want to continue my growth as a manager and work on my professional development.
      I have a solid expertise in IT and pharmaceutical industries. Happy to talk about software development, informational security, telecom, technology entrepreneurship and startups. I can also tell you about clinical studies and process of delivering new drugs to market.
      Interesting fact – I was a high school exchange student and spent a year in a wonderful town Stanton, NE at the age of 17.

      • Hi @gobak, it’s great to have you here. We will be covering revenue operations a lot coming up and a big part of that is predictability, so stay tuned on that. You could start a discussion on sales predictability now, I’ll get some of our experienced members to answer.

      • Hey Pavel! Welcome! We are happy to have you apart of the community. I love hearing about what you are doing and think that using AI to help with images is super cool! We are definitely here to help you with your sales teams and to get better at predicting revenue!

    • Hi All

      My name is Max. I am from Windhoek in Namibia. I am a Sales Manager selling office equipment. Mainly I sell Kyocera printers and Photocopy machines. I want to be a better Manager. One interesting thing about me is that I was born in South Africa, and moved to Namibia many years ag. I learned the local language here, and it helps me a lot in my sales. People appreciate that I can speak to then in their language.

    • Hello Sales Hustlers

      I’m Vijay from Bangalore-India.

      I head the global business for Otomeyt- An AI based HR TECH platform. I have been in B2B sales all my career managing strategic accounts & helping them solve key business problems.

      Well, there is so much one can learn with fantastic SALES HACKERS out there. Mostly, I am here to network, learn best practices, understand markets & exchange thoughts & build a predictable Outbound & Inbound engine.

      We can talk anything under
      -B2B sales & Strategy
      -Hunting & nurturing larges focus accounts
      -Sales Management
      -Team Management
      -Investor Relations
      -Building new business

      I am a BIG BIG CR7 fan, any football crazy bunch out there..?

      There is so much available in our platform, you will love the content here for sure.

      Welcome abroad!

    • Profile picture of d l
      ( 290 POINTS )
      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hi Everyone,

      I am Lawal Damilola, currently work as a Sales Officer in an automobile company in Nigeria.. I am interested in learning the hacks of integrating sales and Information technology in order to boost sales. You can ask me about the Nigeria automobile market.. I love reading at nights

    • Hi SH! My company was recently acquired and I’m starting the search for a new home! I have 5 years of selling experience, with 100+ new logos closed in the SMB/MM segment in the application security space. I’m taking a few months of creative leave but starting to have virtual coffees. Let me know if you’d like to chat!

      I’m currently working on:
      * Project management – Coursera
      * Virtual selling frameworks – how to collaborate & engage with buyers virtually

      Interested in:
      * founding sales teams
      * application security – bringing RASP to market

      Interesting fact about me:
      * ex-physics nerd (PhD dropout) – UoA, UC Berkeley

      Ask me about:
      * my disco/demo flow
      * App security sales
      * Founding sales teams ($500k – $5M ARR)

      P.S. Thanks for the warm welcome Katie!

      • Hey Tyler!
        We are stoked to have you here! (even though I’m jealous of your AMAZING Hawaiian weather!) I know we can help you get your next role, so Ill message you 1-1 for that. But I also think you have a lot of amazing experiences to share with others, so Im looking forward to seeing more threads with your name on it!

    • I just completed a bunch of years with “The Telephone Company” and now looking for a new job. I’m clearly not ready to retire, so I thought about getting into sales. I want to become more confident in the way I approach people… become a better “people person” by listening to their needs, wants, and knowledge about products and services.

      • Hey @mcbeer21! Welcome! Im super curious on who “the telephone company” is, BUT Ill keep my suspicions to myself. We are so excited you are here! Sales is a great place to start at any stage of your life. You can find some amazing resources by just searching any channel related to your role!

    • Hello!

      I’m Dan from Bristol, I’m currently heading up Revenue at OnSecurity, a Cyber Security Service company with a current focus on penetration testing which will be soon moving to a Hybrid Saas based Product Led Growth Model. Being a small start-up this means spinning a lot of plates, everything from Sales, Marketing and Customer Success and trying to make sure they are all playing nicely together by sprinkling in some Revenue Operations.

      I don’t feel I have enough domain knowledge at the moment to be a big help, but I can certainly tell you how poor Cyber Security will impact your revenue and bottom line! Also a good port of call for software development/custom integrations.

      I’d love to learn more about the Revenue function in its entirety and how it can be best used to utilise in a Service-Based and Saas business, as well as anything in the range of automation and data analytics.

      An interesting fact is I have Welsh Powerlifting Records that haven’t been broken to this day.

      • Hey Dan! We are so happy to have you here! It was great having you at our revops roundtable! I cant wait to see what questions or answers you have for our revops channel!

    • Hi everyone!

      My name is Roxanne, I’m currently working as a Technology Operations Specialist which includes marketing, sales and customer support operations.

      I’d love to expand my knowledge of sales operations and sales technology.

      Ask me about automation!

      • Hey Roxanne! Welcome! Technology Operations Specialist- that sounds super cool! What does your day to day look like? You should check out the new RevOps channel! You can ask about any tech product, and process- you name it!

        • Hey Katie!

          My day to day consists of managing and creating workflows and processes for the three teams, making sure everyone has the tools they need to do their job efficiently, and answering a million slack messages and emails 😉

          I’ll definitely check out the RevOps channel, thanks!

    • Hi! I am a new member.
      I am currently a Strategic Partnerships Manager at CANVS, a new streetart start-up.
      I joined from hospitality sales and I want to learn about setting up best practices and formalizing the sales/partnerships processes.
      People should ask me how the CANVS app is transforming communities and street art.
      An interesting fact about me – I wanted to be a marine biologist to train whales and wound up in hotel sales, now in partnerships:)

      • Hey! That is so cool! (I also wanted to be a marine biologist. Wanted to work with dolphins, then wanted to do equine science, THEN went into journalism, and now I’m here!) This sounds super cool! I will have to check out CANVS. Welcome!

        • Hey Katie! I love that we share that and cheers to now being at Sales Hacker. Please do check out CANVS 🙂 Excited to be here.

    • Hi Everyone,

      I’m Rob Durant, and I live in the Greater Boston area.

      Having worked in Customer Service and Sales for Fortune 50 organizations and start-ups, I am now running my own consulting agency, Flywheel Results LLC. I specializing in helping start-ups build enablement programs for sales, marketing, and CS teams. I have also recently launched a software sales training boot camp to help career-starters looking to break into SaaS sales.

      I’m looking to get better in areas of personal development (health, diet, and exercise) to be more well-rounded and less, well, round.

      People should ask me about my time spent working at Walt Disney World – lots of fun “war stories”.

      An interesting fact about me is in addition to launching my own start-up I also coach start-ups for Northeastern University’s IDEA start-up incubator.

      • Hey @rdurantjr!

        Welcome. I’m also around Boston – living in Milford these days.

        I, like you, am focusing on myself and my health in 2021. Rather than set a few big resolutions for the entire year (since I always fail) I decided to set 12 different goals, that I only had to achieve for one month of the year each.

        For example,

        January – no alcohol
        February – clean for 30 minutes every day
        March – meditate every day

        So far, I’m finding that the habits stick much better when I know I’m only committing for a short time! Ironic…

        • PS – I’d love to hear a war story from Disney.

          • Hey Colin,

            Nice to meet you, virtually. I like that 30 day approach. I may have to try it…

            Did I ever tell you about the time when I caught Michael Jackson breaking into Epcot after hours? (true story)

      • Hey Rob! Welcome! You are at the right place! I would love to hear about your incubator. That is so cool!
        ^^Also, that is an awesome story 😂

    • Hi
      I am a Business Development Rep for 3 years now in the Marketing and Advertising industry. I founded my new company this year called BizDev On Demand and the main focus is to provide business development on demand for companies that provide digital marketing and other advertising/creative services for companies.
      I want to learn more about other markets since I’ve basically learn the better practices of sales prospecting here in Latin America. One of my clients is looking at international markets now and my challenge is to open those markets so they can enter there.
      People can ask me anything about Sales and Business Development prospecting best practices, I’ve been studying while doing it for 3 years and also worked as inside sales at an startup company so I can give a hand in this area too.
      I graduated in advertising but all my career was built toward sales in so many levels I identify as a salesperson and a communicator better than an advertiser.

      • Welcome! I love that you’re interested in other markets. It is super interesting to learn what others are doing and to see if it would work where you live.

    • Hi Everyone,

      I am the Client Relationship Director for the executive education provider. It would be great to know more about lead generation and conversion as well as how to manage long sales cycles.

      • Hey! Welcome! Those are great areas. We have a lot about lead generation, but are building out information around long sales cycles. You should definitely drop a question in the discussion boards for account executives about managing long sales cycles!

    • Profile picture of hugh donnelly
      ( 390 POINTS )
      2 months, 1 week ago

      Hello Everyone
      Hugh Donnelly here from Washington DC. I’m a sales consultant for a low voltage integrator. We sell product and services to the real estate markets in Washington DC and the surrounding area. I ran across your website in the hope I can get some help sharpening my skills on my introductory email and cold call approach. I sell my products through my relationships with tenant reps and General contractors. Ask me about how I taught myself to sell hazardous material internationally. I spent 45 days in the soviet Union in 1988.

    • Profile picture of Kate Erwin
      ( 590 POINTS )
      2 months ago

      Hey, all!

      I’m the Director of Content Marketing at StorySlab, a sales conversation platform that improves customer interactions everywhere they happen, whether face to face or screen to screen.

      I’m here because I want to get even better at generating inbound leads and supporting our sales team. And as someone creating sales content, I also want to listen to what sales teams need. I’d also love to get our sales team involved with the Sales Hacker community so that’s next on my to-do list!

      Writing is my thing so if you’re working on an article, a cold email, a pitch deck, or really anything with words, I can help! I’ve been a copywriter and content marketer for almost 10 years.

      You can also ask me for book recommendations. I host two different book clubs (one at my company and one through RevGenius) and I’m a member of two additional book clubs. I read a lot, especially books about sales and marketing.

      I used to coach a collegiate slam poetry team back in the day. If you want embarrassing clips of me performing spoken word in my youth, let me know. I’m not shy.

      – Kate

      • Hey Kate! Im so happy to see you here!
        lead generation can be a pretty tricky thing, especially when you’re working on getting really good leads that are hot! It would be helpful to ask a question around lead generation in the revops channel!

    • Profile picture of Bratislav Petrovski
      ( 370 POINTS )
      2 months ago

      Hello everyone,

      I’m Bratislav, coming from Skopje, Macedonia. I work as a head of Customer Success at EmbedSocial, and I’m very proud that I’ve started the branch ‘Sales’ in my company in the last 2 months. EmbedSocial helps our users share and embed their social media content on their website on autopilot. Since UGC content is more important now than ever!

      I’m looking to improve in the sales field, especially in Outbound sales by creating great templates, stay motivated and be productive for my company in bringing in new leads and potential customers.

      As head of Customer Success, we achieved 97.8% Customer Satisfaction rate throughout 2020 – 2021 and an average response rate from our CS agents 1 minute and 10 seconds on live chat 🙂

      Very ambitious to learn and bring great results.

      Happy to join the community!

      People can ask me about Customer relations, Customer Success/support, Sales, Outbound, Account management, and everything else 🙂


      I watch NBA, build computers in the free time, play some video games and I love to socialize with people.

    • Profile picture of Bob Kelner
      ( 310 POINTS )
      2 months ago

      CEO/Founders of HRTech and eLearning start-up growth strategist focused on accelerating F500 market presence and partnering.

    • 🌟what you currently do
      Business development and founder at reframingjoy.life

      🌟what you want to learn or get better at
      Nurturing cold leads and building a pipeline where I can truly help and provide value

      🌟what people should ask you about
      my journey from homeless to thriving

      🌟An interesting fact about you
      people think I am an extrovert and I am a hard Introvert ( I just love people)
      I also, love to write poetry


      • Hi Kris! Welcome! nurturing leads is such an important skill- I cant wait to hear more from you about this. Same with your journey-how amazing!

    • Hi Everyone!

      My name is Evan. I am active-duty Army, transitioning out in November of this year. I have had an interesting career in trauma medicine and then Special Operations. I am looking to move into a Sales role in the SaaS realm, and I want to learn everything I can in preparation for my next chapter!

      I would love to share my journey through transitioning out of the military, but I am here to ask questions!

      An interesting(ish) fact about me is that I love terrible old horror movies.

      I look forward to connecting and learning from this community!

      • Wow! Evan- you have had an amazing career and have so much ahead of you! Please let me know how I can best help you in this exciting transition! You have done so much for our country and we are here to help you!

        • Katie, that means the world to me. I want to find a role where I can continue to grow and give back.

          I am having a great time digging through the articles here, but if there any that are a must-read, please send them my way!

          I would also love to chat with people and learn about their experience in Sales!

    • Hey y’all!

      I’m Melanie Yee from Denver, CO. I’m currently the Sales Operations Manager for Simplr, an Asurion company dedicated to eradicating mediocre CX.

      I want to grow from a Sales Ops leader into a RevOps leader. I don’t know what that looks like yet, so if you have any suggestions, toss them my way!

      I tend to nerd out about sales ops, sales enablement, marketing/sales alignment, sales development, rev ops, dogs (we have a silver lab and a rottweiler), and wine and am happy to chat with you about any/all of them.

      Interesting fact: when I’m not sales nerd-ing, I moonlight as a barre fitness instructor!

      • Welcome, @melanieyee!

        I love that mission – “eradicating mediocre CX”.

        If you want to grow into a Rev Ops leader, do you already have a mentor to help with that? Feel free to DM me either way. I know several who love giving back.

        Second, we’re trying hard to build a rich community of Rev Ops folks here, but it takes a village. If you haven’t already, head over to https://www.saleshacker.com/community/channels/revops/

        …and leave a question or a thought. People are surprisingly generous here!

        Last thing: you might want to sign up for the intimate, not-recorded, private roundtables we’re putting together for revenue operations pros here:

        Can’t guarantee a spot, but it’s free and feedback has been 🔥 from attendees so far.

        Also, I love dogs too!

      • Hey Melanie!
        Welcome! Like Colin said- I love that mission! I hope to see you in the revops roundtables! We are starting to plan them out now, so make sure you register! Make sure you bring some wine for the roundtable or our next happy hour social!

    • Hi teammates !

      Maurice here from the other side of the Atlantic. Working as first Sales employee in a tech startup in France.

      I recently joined this company focused on data collection and analysis. Been a sales guy for a few years now : in Investment Banking, in FinTech, as a founder in catering, in blockchain and now back to Tech (Maybe I’d need to settle down at one point…🤔)

      Though I have rumbled through various aspects of Sales, I still have nightmares about cold calling and need to improve again and again… I am structuring my outbound sales techniques (from Sales Navogator filters to automated emailing techniques) and I am very keen to learn about Growth Hacking techniques and more efficient cold outreaching strategies.

      If you’re looking to know more about European market, startups, finance and how to get introduced to specific people, I’d be very happy to help!

      I am a biig fan of Cycling, mainly gravel and road bikepacking. best travel so far is a month-long trip through France and Belgium all the way through Brittany. My dream is to own a Pinarello or Colnago very soon; and manage to finish a Transcontinental race (10 days/3,000km through Europe). Also, if you want some advice on colombian recipes, I’m all yours!

      Hasta pronto!


      • Congratulations, Maurice! That is so cool! Welcome beck to tech!
        Cold Calling can be really tough- I definitely get that!
        We actually have a really cool webinar that might help you on breaking through call reluctance! These strategies may be what you need to get more comfortable!
        Im a big fan of peloton but think it’s super cool that you do real-deal cycling!

    • Hi everyone, I’m Erin from Vancouver, Canada.
      🌟I work for an international transportation technology company based in Canada, and we’re currently hiring for a ton of sales team members from SDRs, to SEs, to a VP of Sales.
      🌟I’m looking to continue growing my sales network and chatting with sales professionals to learn more about the market, globally.
      🌟You can ask me about what it’s like to live in Vancouver, international hiring, visa processes, even BC real estate!
      🌟An interesting fact about me is I traveled to 30 countries before I had been to any other province in Canada!

      I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!

    • Profile picture of Steven Robert Young
      ( 860 POINTS )
      1 month, 3 weeks ago

      Hello Everyone! And thank you Katie for this opportunity.

      I’m Steven Robert Young, creator of the IDEAL productivity model. I just finished my second book, “Achieve,” which is all about achieving success with personal and professional goals. My work these days centers on finding a partner and/or a licensing deal for IDEAL.

      With regard to what it is that I would like to learn: I need help with all things related to marketing, especially building a community.

      On your third point, I’m looking forward to being asked–more and more–about how to apply IDEAL in business (to grow sales) and personally – to improve life.

      As for an interesting fact about me, I’ll share one about my professional life and one about my personal life. Professionally: my career began at the age of 19, when an industry leader took a chance on me by hiring for a sales position that I was completely unqualified to fill (I worked for that employer for 14 years). Personally: I was the songwriter and lead guitarist for a popular jazz-rock band in the 1980s. That was a lifetime ago. : )

    • Hello, SH Community! I currently work for an outbound prospecting company as an Account Development Manager. Hoping to hone my cold calling sales skills and master the close. Feel free to ask me about anything related to HR or Project Management. Interesting fact: I love to travel!

      • Hey Meg! Welcome 👋🏻👋🏻
        Cold Calling skills can be tough, but it definitely takes practice! Check these out:

        AE’s who prospect…cold calling Any reps rolling up their sleeves and prospecting, specifically cold calling?Any advice? Best practices?… Read More › Read more– Adrian Wong (@awong209) January 17, 2021

        Discovery Question Structure on a Cold Call I’m looking for feedback on my cold call structure if the prospect gives me the time of day to have a… Read More › Read more– Brian Tran (@briantran) December 16, 2020

        You should definitely jump into these discussions and even create your own here:

        Welcome New Members!Introduce yourself!Tell us🌟what you currently do🌟what you want to learn or get better at🌟what people should ask you about🌟Interesting fact about you- Katie Ray (@katie_ray) March 15, 2021

    • Hello Community!

      I am Chiara and come from Italy, currently living in Milan.
      I work as Corporate Business Partner for Talent Garden, an Italian company whose mission is to create campuses to empower digital and tech communities by connecting them globally and to help companies in their digital transformation journey through tailor-made, consulting projects.

      I am here because I started being interested in a “scientific” approach to sales and sales strategies, topics that according to me are not yet enough discussed in Italy and in Europe in general; apart from the theory, I’d love to discover practical examples and success (or also failure!) stories.
      My challenge is to understand how to export the services my company is offering to other European countries where we are not yet known.

      Reach out to me if you are interested in:
      – Innovation topics (I’m getting passionate about it!)
      – Sales processes and operations
      – Food (I love to cook and eat good food – I am an Italian after all!)
      – Wine

      Interesting fact about me: last year during the first lockdown I started creating a startup in the health-tech sector

      • Welcome, @chiara-bricca!

        That’s a very cool mission.

        Beginning to sell in new territories is always a big challenge. I can’t say I’m an expert on the subject, but I’m actually planning a Sales Hacker webinar right now where we’ll share some mistakes and failures some poeple make when expanding sales to new countries…

        I believe it’s on March 30th, though because of the time-zone difference, you might have to catch the recording.

    • Hi all,
      Just started in cold call sales at 64 years old. I’m currently selling charity tickets.
      After the first 9 calls I have understood that I did 7 things right and 9 things I could of done differently. So there is improvement needed on all fronts as can be expected.
      A life of wide experiences and currently showing dogs.
      Finding rejection fun but I’m sure sales be a whole lot better.
      I have been given a chance of a weeks trial, let’s see how I can improve from day one.

      • Hey! Welcome! That sounds like a fun role! There is a lot of information on cold calling here, so you will be set up for success!
        What type of dogs?

    • Hi to all SalesHackers! Thanks for the warm welcome!

      I’m what some might call a seasoned entrepreneur. I started my career in the insurance industry (when the only means of sending someone something was the US Postal Service) and spent 15 years traveling the world as a reinsurance broker ending as a specialty insurance agency owner.

      During the past 35 years (including the 15 in insurance otherwise I’d be like 90!) I’ve also owned and operated 3 companies outside of insurance, served as COO for two, served as CSO for another. And I’ve consulted in sales, HR, sales management and operations roles for many others. In fact, one 90-day consulting gig ended up in a CSO position that lasted almost 4 years!

      From 2000 to 2005 I lead CEO peer advisory teams with the peer group advisory called The Executive Achievement Model (T.E.A.M) here in Orlando. I worked hand-in-glove with over 40 local CEOs helping them leverage the power and impact of their peer groups. And now I am returning to this role – the one I am most passionate about — peer advisory leader with Arizona-based Growth10.

      I want to continue to get better at the game of business. The nuances, intricacies, etc. All of it still presents so much more to learn.

      I’d love people to ask me about business process – sales, hiring, customer care, etc. Why process is so critical to growing a business yet too often it is put on the back burner.

      An interesting fact is my other passion is playing (maybe more like hacking) my bright yellow Fender “Fat” Stratocaster! Like business, there is so much to learn about this wonderful instrument!

      Looking forward to being part of the community and adding value and insight wherever I can…

    • Profile picture of Sandra
      ( 490 POINTS )
      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      Hello! I’m Sandra. I am an SDR for the oldest private mint in the USA. We sell custom coins. Ask any questions?! We are located in Cincinnati, OH. I want to learn more about the SDR role, having more confidence and having more connections to gain more information. I love being outdoors and spending time with my pups!

      • Hi Sandra! It was so nice to meet you the other day!

        We are excited to have you here and hope to help you on your sales journey!
        What type of dogs do you have?

    • Profile picture of Wyan Schreiber
      ( 340 POINTS )
      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      Hola hola,

      Greetings from Barcelona, Spain! Wyan here, I’m half American, half French and half Spanish! I’m a Sales Director @ Xceed (event ticketing company), a commercial real estate broker, and I’m boot-strapping my side gig a fashion/garment design and production company. They all rely heavily on person to person sales and leveraging my network.

      I’m looking to formalize my knowledge in sales to be able to take it to the next level. I’m self-taught and lack the formal structure but still get the job done!
      I would like to stop having to rely so heavily on my personal sales abilities to avoid doing so many outbound sales. My network needs to mature to do more inbound but what I really want is to manage sales teams instead.
      I would also like to mentor.

      Ask me about:
      – Electronic music and the industry. Artists, brands, festivals, trends…
      – TV&Radio Automation
      – Working and selling in many countries and cultures (I’ve lived in 12 cities in 6 countries)

      I dream in 3 languages and didn’t have electricity in my house till I was 10!

      • Hey Wyan! That is pretty cool! You will definitely find a bunch of information about sales strategies and processes. Dont forget that you get to ask questions here too! See you around!

    • Hey SH fam!

      My name’s Doug and I’m from Phoenix, AZ. I am a Senior Manager of Enterprise Marketing at a company called WebPT (SaaS, EMR + ancillary products). I own our ABM program and all that comes with that, drive strategy for our BDR team, as well as the vision for positioning our brand upmarket. I’m also the unofficial tech stack manager for our marketing/sales operation, and I have quite a few responsibilities that fall under sales ops. I wear a few hats 🙂

      The thing I’m really looking to dive into here is RevOps—I generally have support from senior leadership, but I’m really looking forward to connecting with other ops leaders to build a top-notch department.

      Ask me about: ABM, BDR strategy, cold outreach, enterprise marketing, Salesforce (I’m a delegated admin), MarTech in general (we have a lot of software in our stack, and I have lots of opinions), design, racing, coffee.

      An interesting fact about me… I guess sorta related to the above, two weeks ago a car I designed (I freelance as a designer for fun) ran in the NASCAR race here in PHX, and he won!

      • Hey Doug! It was great meeting you! We are excited to have you apart of the community.
        You are at just the right place to learn about RevOps! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions in that channel as you are learning more about the role and its functions.

    • My name is Karen Crouch. Today is my 7th work anniversary with The UPS Store, Inc., franchisor for close to 5,000 stores in the U.S. I love my job leading a team placing The UPS Store franchises within hotels, convention centers, universities, military bases, and most recently, within independent pharmacies and hardware stores, as well as regional grocery store chains. In my world, these locations are considered to be “non-traditional.” I’m hoping to pass on sales techniques to my team as a member of Sales Hacker. I work remotely from the coast of Oregon.

      • Hey Karen! It is so great to know you. What has been the most interesting franchise for you? Like either because of location or the customers?

    • Hi Everyone!

      My name is Kylie Jones and I am from New Jersey! I am a Sales Trainer & Developer for Whitestone Branding. I am looking to learn more skills in sales development and new ways to move the sales cycle. Feel free to ask me about promotional products!

      • Hey Kylie! Welcome! We have some great information for you. You should also check out our sales enablement channel!

    • Hi Sales Hackers!

      I’m Claire McEachern – currently residing in the Tampa Bay area, recently transplanted from Portland Oregon.

      I just started a new role as Director of Demand Generation at Voodle, Inc. after about 5 years at DiscoverOrg/ZoomInfo.

      I’ve previously focused on a lot of inbound, digital, and customer marketing disciplines and looking to get increase my mastery of outbound and product marketing avenues.

      Ask me about:
      – SEO
      – Content strategies
      – growth marketing
      – aligning sales & marketing

      Interesting fact: my first paid “job” was dancing in the Pennsylvania Ballet’s Nutcracker as an 8 year old. I continued to perform about 30 shows a season until I was 13 and used the $$ to by my family holiday gifts every year.

      • Hi Claire! We are excited to have you apart of the community! We have a cool webinar tomorrow that you should check out all about aligning sales, marketing, and revops!

    • Hello!

      I’m Aaron Salazar and I am a lead BDR at Property Meld- a maintenance software for Property Management companies. We are headquartered in Rapid City, SD.

      I’m here to learn from some of the best in the industry on best practices as BDR/SDR and learn what others have experienced on their sales development journey including career path stories to become an Account Executive.

      Feel free to ask me about my experience in sales in the Saas world.

      Interesting fact: I grew up in Sturgis, South Dakota (home of the famous motorcyle rally)

      • Hi Aaron! Welcome! That sounds like a cool company!
        What was that like growing up by that massive motorcycle rally? do you have a bike?

        • I almost put the answer to your question as my interesting fact: I don’t own a motorcycle and I don’t even know how to ride one 😂🤣

    • Profile picture of Butch
      ( 250 POINTS )
      1 month, 1 week ago

      1. Sales for HVAC mechanical contractor- pumps, chillers, boilers- new equipment, service, rentals calling on building and plant owners/managers
      2. Cold Calling and appointment setting, starting a new book of business with new company
      3. Sandler Sales Training
      4. Hated math as kid, find it fascinating now. like learning math and physics of heat transfer.

      • Welcome! That sounds like an interesting role!
        Isn’t it funny how things change from our childhood to adulthood? Avocados were the one thing I couldn’t stand, and now I like em!

    • Hi, I am a digital marketer with more than a decade of experience in Digital data analysis and visualization and a Technology platform reviewer who loves to share what science fiction and Artificial intelligence can do to solve any problem. I like using any tool and sharing my experience, so I would love to use any new technological platform/ tool./ app/gadget and share the best experience. I would love to be reach out for reviews of any technological product.
      Currently, I am doing a lot of studies on Sales readiness and Enablement tools and how they can be used best. I am happy to share my findings so feel free to reach out.

    • 👋Hello! Amy here from Denver & San Diego (split time). I work with companies and individuals focusing on communication techniques to convert. I have a passion for sales and strategic communication. I have been in direct sales for 20 years, opened my own company, Sales and Presence, Inc. a few years ago. I am a certified virtual trainer and also certified in training around nonverbal communication.

      I love learning and geek out at stats and quotes. Always looking on how I can get better on multiple levels.

      If you want to know more you can ask me about:
      *Nonverbal communication within business
      *Virtual engagement tips
      *Professional presence
      *Winning introduction
      *Personal board of directors

      Random fact about me…..I sang on stage at Carnegie Hall in NY when I was 18. Love music and theater.

      • Hi Amy! Welcome! super cool fun fact. my sister also sang at Carnegie Hall! I got to go (but of course not sing because Im horrible at it 😂🤦🏼‍♀️)
        I would love to learn more about nonverbal communication within business. Can you write some information and share in the appropriate channel? @salesandpresence

    • Profile picture of dwturp
      ( 170 POINTS )
      1 month, 1 week ago

      Good day! I am Dave Turpchinoff and I have been selling professionally for over 37 years. What drives me and excites me is helping someone solve a problem.

      The vast majority of my career has been in outside, business to business sales. First in broadcast radio selling, creating marketing campaigns, ad creation, voice talent and creating and managing special events. I then spent a decade with Coca-Cola selling to On-Premise customers such as schools, restaurants, universities and retail locations. I now work for a Motorola Platinum Partner, ERS Wireless, calling on commercial businesses and selling voice, video and data solutions.

      I am a certified Customer Focused Selling professional and love to lead, teach and coach a sales team, as I am a teacher at heart.

      Recently I was moved from outside sales to inside sales and I am struggling a bit as I love one-to-one in person selling and now with the “New Normal” I must adapt.

      Feel free to offer suggestions or advice or ask me about customer focused selling.

      Fun Fact: During my career in broadcast radio, I once did a live report on the then new CNN Radio Network

      • Hi @dwturp 👋🏻
        Welcome! I love that you are really interested in sharing insights and advice with others. What has been one of the hardest parts of being more of an inside seller than field rep?

      • Profile picture of Mary Green 🔹
        ( 7.5k POINTS )
        1 month ago

        I think everyone has had to adapt due to Covid, but I can imagine your shift has been quite challenging. I’m sure we could post to help you find other people who have made this shift @dwturp.

    • Hello Everyone,

      I’m Karen Crouch and Katie asked me what was the most interesting franchise I’ve been involved with during my franchise career. Truthfully, all the brands, with the exception of the coffee brands we’re so different from each other. Denny’s was a huge investment and we sold a lot of existing restaurants in the late-80’s early 90’s–I cut my franchising teeth at Denny’s. I loved being a part of El Pollo Loco–it’s still one of my favorite place to dine. I became a coffee drinker/snob while working for the coffee brands. My absolute favorite is The UPS Store. I had never been a part of a brand with close to 5,000 locations and over 300 HQ folks to help them. I just celebrated 7 years with The UPS Store, Inc. and it feels like I saved the best for last!

      • Profile picture of Katie Ray
        ( 8.6k POINTS )
        1 month ago

        What a cool franchise! We are thrilled to have you apart of the SH community and look forward to your advice!

      • Profile picture of Mary Green 🔹
        ( 7.5k POINTS )
        1 month ago

        Hi @kcrouch8, my husband works at UPS, that’s so cool! Welcome to SH, I hope you learn a lot here.

    • Eric Owen. CRO at RemoteLock. We are an IoT company providing a powerful cloud-based access control solution to a variety of verticals including vacation rentals, multi-family and commercial. I’m trying to get my arms around pipeline and funnel management as well as forecasting. Talk to me about setting a sales culture and hiring, as well as channel sales. An interesting fact about me: I’ve climbed all but 1 of the 58 14,000 peaks in Colorado, my home state.

    • Profile picture of Jafar Orujov
      ( 280 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      Hi everyone,

      I’m Jafar Orujov, living in the UK right now, where I am pursuing a Master in Strategic Marketing. I am new to sales and only 21 y.o. That’s why my main goal is to build a foundation of knowledge and practical skills that will help me start a successful career in sales in 6 months (graduation) =).

      I have experience as a marketer in 5-star luxury hotels and a media agency.

      I would love to receive recommendations on how best to start my career in sales, what books, resources, tools are worth studying at the beginning. Should a person look for a mentor before starting work? What mistakes should be avoided at the beginning of your journey and what is better to focus on?

      Thanks for your attention!

    • Profile picture of Hannah
      ( 250 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      Hi everyone… I’m Hannah!

      I work for a Lead Generation Agency, based in the UK.

      I’m looking to learn more about the latest trends in sales and business development, understand what sales leaders are doing to get the best results and how to manage an effective sales team.

      Looking forward to meeting you all

    • Profile picture of Furieus
      ( 170 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      Hi everybody!!
      I make about 90 telephone cold calls per day selling a highly desirable service to schools.

      I want to get better at closing.

      Ask me anything related to telephone sales.

      I invented a new process for creating art.

    • Hi You’ll !!
      I’m a growth hacker, i’m fascinated with the nurturing pipeline you have here guys!
      So i want to learn all about sales develpment, think you cana give me a hand there. So nice when a process is 100% user centred.


    • Profile picture of NikitaF
      ( 230 POINTS )
      4 weeks ago

      Hey Everybody!

      I’m Nikita. I work as an SDR for a company called HowNow which is an Intelligent Learning Platform. I’m here to get some insights and Sales Hacks and in general looking for some cool ideas to improve our sales processes.

    • Hey Sales Hackers!

      I am Bella from Vancouver, Canada and am currently living in London working for Outreach as a Corporate Account Executive.

      I love selling but I am always looking for new techniques to better my craft. Some of the things I want to perfect are:

      1. Active listening skills, not just thinking of the next question
      2. How to get the most out of a short 30 minute discovery meeting
      3. Asking the right questions to the right personas
      4. Prioritising my day to focus on the most important sales opportunities/activities to work on

      Ask me anything about:

      1. Sandler sales methodology
      2. Mutual Success Plans
      3. How to improve your Outreach with Outreach
      4. Storytelling

      Interesting fact is that I used to be an extra in movies with people like Nicolas Cage and Robin Williams!

    • Hey there, I am Jennifer, working as Head of Sales at Gymlib (France and Belgium). I am keen to discuss about Sales organisation !

    • Hello everyone,

      I am Catherina from Munich, Germany. I am working as Sales Enablement Specialist for Sendcloud (SaaS company in the E-Commerce industry).

      Together with my two colleagues we are building and implementing Sales Operations & Enablement in the company. As this is completely new to the company, I am thrilled to exchange with members of the community and grow more and more in my role. I am also looking for a mentor or coach.

      Currently, I am building and optimizing the onboarding process for our new hires in Sales but also working on a content platform, to enable sales to be successful.

      People are free to asking anything related Sales enablement implementation in a SaaS company.

      An interesting fact about me is I still think I can make it to the Olympics one day. I have ideas about the discipline but not sure yet 🙂 Open for recommendations!

      • Hey @catherinagiese!

        It’s very exciting that you’re embarking on an ops and enablement journey for the first time at your organization. Do you know what kind of mentor or coach you’re looking for? I might be able to make a good introduction.

        Also, it’s super cool that you’ve got Olympic dreams. What sport?

        • Hi @colin-campbell. Thank you for the warm welcome. TBH as I am the only and first one who is doing Sales Enablement in our company, and as it is new to me as well, I cannot tell what type of mentor. Maybe someone who has experienced in creating and implementing SE for the first time and can help on what to focus on, what kind of topics or tasks to prioritize and advice on how to handle challenges as it is sometimes hard to push back to the leadership team. Feels like killing fires rather than proactive implementation of ideas etc. Happy to jump on a call to discuss more details and if this could be a fit for you and me!

          Cross Snowboarding, or in general snowboarding, or maybe beach volleyball – but the Germans are already pretty good! What about you? Any dreams?

          • Wow, cool! My biggest dream is to own an ice cream stand/fish fry shop on Cape Cod here in Massachusetts.

            As for mentors, I’ll DM you and make an introduction I think might help 🙂

    • Profile picture of Angad
      ( 350 POINTS )
      2 weeks, 5 days ago

      Hey Everyone,

      I’m Angad Gurtu from Toronto, Canada. I am a business development and account management, specialist. Over my working tenure of 10+ years, I have helped organisations to focus on value selling and blend innovative techniques for end-user engagement.

      Having always been driven by a strong curiosity, I am here to learn from podcasts and develop a better understanding of sales prospecting, communications & story-telling, how technology is shaping end-user experience and leadership hacks. I keep issues like client servicing & experience, clear sales communications, sales processes, and mentoring at a high pedestal.

      I have cross-pollinated in industries such as BFSI, Infrastructure Research and Media.

      Happy to connect on topics related to team leadership, remote sales, client engagement and cold calling. More importantly, let’s also connect on food, music, books and travel.

      P.S: Have always been daydreaming of becoming a long-distance runner and a cross-fit athlete 🙂

    • Hello Everyone,
      Myself Ankit Khandelwal from India. I am a freelance management consultant who primarily worked with startups and small-scale companies.
      As per the title, I have never been into sales but indirectly I have done everything a sales person does. Besides, I have experience working with people from over 100 countries in different industries, speak around 7 languages, and well-versed with international market trends. So, I am thinking to jump into sales from the current management consulting.I am looking for some guidance to get the idea of the sales division and any leads on starting it. Hopefully, some of you will be willing to provide guidance and also provide introductions (after you have assessed my qualifications).
      You are more than welcome to ask me any questions about my previous experiences.
      Stay safe & sound.

    • Profile picture of LiamF
      ( 270 POINTS )
      2 weeks ago

      G’Day from down under – Liam Fraser here from Melbourne, Australia. I am the Chief Sales Officer at a construction tech SaaS business called Buildxact. Born out of Melbourne we have offices in Vancouver and also in Austin, TX and are rapidly scaling up in the US market.

      I am here to meet with common minds and generally find all things sales and team performance and of great interest. As a scale up in the US market I am always on the look out for learnings and pitfalls of scaling inside sales and all that sits up and downstream.

      While I have been in startup / scale up businesses before, most of my career is in executive sales leadership in large enterprises, building and managing large, high performing teams. You can ask me about leadership, the journey from corporate to start up and anything about life at the other end of the world.

      Interesting fact, it is my 20th wedding anniversay next month.

      Great to be here and look forward to connecting.

    • Profile picture of Busy@1961
      ( 210 POINTS )
      1 week, 1 day ago

      Hi, my name is Brenda
      I’m a freight broker, currently learning the business and trying to build revenue.
      I need all the help and information and advice anyone with experience in this industry has to offer.
      I will be willing to share what I know as well.

    • Hello everyone,

      I’m a blogger, writer and Digital Marketer with 3 years of experience in the business and technology niches. I am passionate about sharing knowledge with people from all over the world, entrepreneurs and business executives.

      I believe the best ingredients for success are passion, perseverance and team work. Data works as the spine of every successful project, so I consider myself a data-oriented person. I look forward to collaborating into making the world a better place.

      Feel free to ask me about SEO, community management, and my experiences with marketing for the technology niches.

      I joined this community to expand my knowledge and connect with very interesting people…

      An interesting fact about me is that I love Mediterranean food, so I am learning to cook some couscous based meals.

      You can call me Mike,
      Stay safe.

    • Hey there! I’m the Executive Vice President in charge of Revenue at Intratem Mobility Lifecycle Management.

      I’m looking to stay a top of new developments in sales.

      Ask me about complex negotiations or objection handling.

      I’m an avid cook and have judged several TV cooking shows.

    • Hi ,

      I’m Morgane Pauron from France. I work as a SDR in the HR consulting company called Qixi.

      I’m here to improve my SDR skills in order to become Account Executive. I need to learn how to develop the best outbound sales cadence and what are the best practices for prospecting (video, cold calling, social selling…)

      People can ask me, how we can develop their empathy, in the sales circle, and how to develop the social selling.

      An interesting fact about me is I love animals, and I take part of an animal protection association in france

      PS : I’m sorry I’m not fluent in english, you can find mistakes in my messages

      • Hey @morganep!

        Welcome to the squad 🙂

        If you’re on a path to become an AE, remember that you’ll need more than just awesome prospecting skills.

        But crushing it as an SDR is of course a common career path to AE.

        If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend following Sam Nelson, Becc Holland and Josh Braun on LinkedIn – they all have content that is great for SDRs.

        And check out this masterclass in message personalization at scale from Becc and Scott Barker:

        PS – your Enligsh is much, much better than my French (because I speak none). No need to apologize!

    • Hi Everyone,

      I’m Nicolas Chazee Chorba from Paris, FR. I work as the Head of the International Development at Yespark a service that allows you to rent a parking spot on a monthly basis, easily and without obligation via mobile app.

      I’m here to learn and update my sales skills, looking for tips & tricks to use on a daily basis.

      People are free to ask me about launching a start-up in Europe, and what is my sales process.

      An interesting fact about me is that I’m a French / Italian born in Thailand and that my first language in English. 🤔

      • Hey @nickchaz! Welcome.

        Interesting personal history there, and Yespark sounds interesting too.

        What kinds of skills/tips/tricks are you looking for? Mostly prospecting, or does your role also involve process design, operations, team management, etc?

    • Hi All!

      I’m Camela Thompson and I’m *usually based out of Seattle, WA. I’m a freelance copywriter and my niche is really operations best practices. The first 15 years of my career were spent in sales operations, customer success operations, and marketing operations in tech. I managed both the technology stacks and data. Essentially, I was Rev Ops before Rev Ops was a thing 🙂

      I strongly believe that alignment is the key to success and am always looking for more insights on how go-to-market teams can better align.

      You can ask me about:
      – CRM Best Practices
      – MAP Best Practices
      – Sales Enablement documentation
      – Territory Planning
      – ABM planning and execution
      – Marketing analytics
      – Sales analytics
      – Customer success analytics
      – Deal desk

      Interesting fact: I say I’m mostly based in Seattle because my husband and I like to work from our RV as we travel the country. We have seen some amazing things (like spending time with a weanling northern elephant seal), making the spotty WiFi at times worth the hassle.

      • Fancy seeing you here, @camela_thompson!

        Welcome 🙂

        I’ve got to hear more about the seals at some point. That’s awesome.

        Also, another member recently asked about territory planning. If you’ve got a chance, I’m betting they’d love it if you weigh in.

        Hi there,We are growing our SDR team at the company I work at and we are trying to avoid some of the issues that we might run into in the near future.We are growing our team and we are going to have multiple SDR’s in one territory.What is the best way to avoid this?We are also selling different products to the same…Read more– MeheirJahezian (@meheirjahezian) May 3, 2021

    • Hello! I’m Crystal and I’m currently the Director of Revenue Operations at a San Diego-based startup. I am also the founding member of the RevOps Consulting Group, an agency specializing in designing and implementing scalable RevOps functions for Software startups at any stage of growth!

      I would like to learn more best practices from my peers! I’m also here to learn to be a better RevOps community member.

      Feel free to ask me about my journey in RevOps!

      Interesting fact about me: you will find no other person with a more refined encyclopedic knowledge of the LOTR movies.

      • Hey Crystal!

        Welcome the group here. Psyched to have you.

        We’ve got a few things going with the Rev Ops members of our community I think you might be interested in – I’ll DM you!

    • Profile picture of Neeraj Dhulekar
      ( 220 POINTS )
      1 day ago

      Hello Everyone, I am Neeraj Dhulekar from San Jose, CA. I am the founder of a little startup called Snackwyze – An interactive guided demo platform for Product Led Growth. I started my career as an engineer and then transitioned into Product Management/Marketing about a decaded ago.

      Community building and Revenue Ops is where the SaaS world is headed and I am here to learn all of that from this amazing community.

      I’d be delighted to help whereever I can on all things product management, product marketing, new product development and technical content creation.

      Interesting fact about me: A few years ago on a cycling trip, I rode on one of the highest motorable road in the world at around 18000 feet!

    • Hello
      I’m Lynn from Auckland, New Zealand. I work for a recruitment software company.
      Keen to get better at communicating.
      You can ask me anything and I’ll be honest if I don’t know the answer.
      An interesting fact is that I have a side-hustle as a copywriter.
      Looking forward to being part of the community.

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