Marketing and Sales Alignment-

What do you think? Do they belong together? How are you getting these two parts of the org to work together? What is that transition like?

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    • I think it’s CRAZY to not have them aligned. Both teams have the same goals!

      We have a feedback loop set-up between sales, sales development, and marketing.
      – Marketing creates a campaign & pulls accounts for sales dev team.
      – Sales dev runs the campaign, gives feedback to marketing.
      – Sales dev and marketing connect w/ sales to see what the impact of that campaign was on pipeline.
      – All 3 teams ideate on what could have made the campaign better, how it can be replicated, etc.
      Rinse & repeat

      Something I do, and urge others to do, is help your SDR team understand WHY they’re reaching out to prospects. It’s so easy for them to get lost in the role. But arming them with content & context helps put things back into perspective.

      Example: Let’s say marketing just released an eBook, and they have an outbound campaign to drive more eBook downloads. Giving the SDR a summary of the eBook is one thing. But telling them WHY someone would download it is another thing. What challenges does it help solve? Why would they bother reading it? What are they hoping to learn? Arming your reps with that knowledge is key for converting more leads and having better conversations. And that doesn’t happen without alignment.

    • think of sales and marketing as a team, we have offense and we have a defense. Our Offense is marketing they get the ball, make hail mary’s make us (company) look good, etc. Sales are the defense, and defense wins games (brings the deals closed) but one doesn’t work or function independently from the other. That is what I think about when I think of alignment with sales and marketing – sports, or a potato sack race…you are going down if not aligned.

    • When marketing and sales can work together and communicate without animosity and show each other true respect, amazing things WILL happen. Having the salespeople communicate their experiences with potential clients back to the marketing folks will allow them to subtly change or modify the messaging the company is sending out to be more in tune with the needs of the customers. In my experience, the marketing team/group, etc. has to “guess” on a lot of things because of the lack of communication. The marketing reps WANT to see salespeople closing deals, and the salespeople want the marketing reps to assist in the collateral information to support the sales process. Keeping these two groups apart, in my opinion, is a big mistake many companies make. I didn’t say keeping them together is “easy”, but it is worthwhile for the business leaders to make sure that there are complimentary personalities on both sides, and encourage the teamwork.

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      They absolutely belong together reporting to the same leader. Ideally, both the sales and marketing leaders should report to the CRO. The CMO and CRO model works as well, but only as long as the pair are 100% aligned and working together. I feel with this model, it just doesn’t happen a lot of the time!

      To get the two functions aligned, you need to get them speaking the same language in terms of KPIs. MQLs? Sales doesn’t care. What marketing should be thinking is – how can we generate SALs and SQLs? Leadership has to define what those look like so you don’t get marketing and sales pointing fingers at each other.

      At the end of the day, it boils down to org structure and effective leadership. It’s tough nailing this If you don’t have the same leader overseeing both functions.

    • Absolutely @katie_ray
      Would answer you last question first. The transition is hell, the process is painful but it’s all worth it.

      We as an organisation also used to have these to departments working in silos but it never induced growth. Since last 1 year we have been working closely & the results are there for us to witness. Couple of highlights-

      * Lost Accounts :- We as a enterprise SaaS product, do face situations where lot of tech teams are also involved in evaluation process. We created a lost accounts list for last 15 months & built a marketing cadences exclusive for this group. Idea is to make sure the brand recall is at max level when sales team knocks the door & it’s working fantastically well.

      * Similar kind of buckets have been created for competitor accounts & lead nurtured ( Outbound)
      * Seamless overlap of platforms like G2. Marketing can use those indent data for cadences & SDR
      team can use them for outreach
      * If the marketing can build a good resource library, SDR’s can use the resources at different stages of
      their sequences.
      * Messaging is the key, its important both the groups are taking same language in their respective
      channels. You can’t have a different messaging on website & sales harping about something else.
      We care carefully crafted messaging strategy for both the groups. Most importantly it has to be
      metrics driven


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