RevOps vs. Sales Ops- how are they different?

What’s the difference between RevOps and sales ops?
Which has to come first?
How do RevOps and Sales Ops take shape at your own company?

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      6 months, 3 weeks ago

      Love this question.

      Sales Ops is solely focused on supporting the sales organization and making them as efficient as possible. This includes systems, process, and analytics. They often work with other operations organizations (like customer success ops and marketing ops) on cross functional projects.

      Revenue operations can take many different forms. Sometimes a company has revenue operations in addition to traditional marketing, sales, and customer success operations orgs and their only focus is analytics. At other times, they absorb all of the responsibilities that would normally be covered by sales, marketing, and customer success organizations spanning systems, analytics, enablement, and process.

      Here’s an article that covers some organization builds I’ve seen:

      One doesn’t need to come before the other and they can exist at the same time, but the organization should ask itself what they want from revenue operations. Do they want the systems teams to work better together? Do they want analytics alignment? If yes, then rev ops makes sense. If they want a revenue operations team because sales and marketing are misaligned, they MUST also address executive misalignment between sales and marketing. Revenue operations is only as effective as the business sets them up to be.

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