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What’s your best advice for finding great salespeople to hire?

What goes into your decision whether to hire or not hire a salesperson?

What’s your best tip for ramping a great salesperson?

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      Profile picture of JOHN KING
      ( 320 POINTS )
      1 year, 6 months ago

      Look for people in your industry, Look for salespeople in great communities like this one.
      You have the tools and money to support the sales team
      I would like to shadow the success team and talk to the product team.

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      Profile picture of ztolko
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      1 year, 6 months ago

      Hi Katie!

      My advice to find salespeople:
      1) I’d look into companies similar to yours and reach out on LinkedIn
      2) Communities like SalesHacker also make sense
      3) Your own network / your employees networks. They can have the ability to bring in former colleagues, and there’s a compounded aspect to that. The more you hire, the more than can refer new recruits.

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