Manager is focused on making marketing happy, instead of their reps:

Hey Hackers!
I was recently listening to a rep that is pretty frustrated with their manager. Their manager has been spending a lot of time focused on marketing efforts, instead of the quality of the touches, or reaching out to the leads. The reps are getting overwhelmed by how much non revenue generating work they are having to do.

How do you tell your manager that you are getting overwhelmed by the extra and you just want to focus on your revenue generating work? How do you set boundaries with your marketing people so that you can utilize them, but not take on more busy work?

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    • This is where I always come back to some kind of documentation of goals and objectives. It doesn’t need to be as formal as OKRs (although that can be really helpful for some organizations). It sounds like coming back to an understanding of basic roles and responsibilities – and how those roll up to the larger company goals could be a powerful exercise here.

    • Hi Katie!
      So I think this happens at least once at every company, especially in the beginning and/ or where turn over occurs.
      The reason is that there is no true understanding of the business between departments.
      Here is what I have seen:
      Marketing: We have several leads, 911, 911, they are HOT, MUST be followed up with ASAP and Marketing saves the company once again!
      SDR Manager! Yes! Quota for everyone! Woo-Hoo! New boat!
      SDR’s: Not this crap again. (When they stop their revenue generating activities to follow up with these activities.) Most of the leads like this are probably, registered for webinar, did not attend, downloaded white paper, commented on page, etc.
      So it all can be solved by simply creating a method to track and report all the data. If you document all your team’s activity and break it down, you can stop all of this and show everyone where the revenue is being generated and by which activities.
      Have them start charting all of their activities and what works and what doesn’t.
      Normally, when you show the execs that you are spending countless hours and energy without producing any results, they will help get this resolved.
      Thanks for the question!

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      I would suggest with Steven Covey’s – Begin with end in mind and ask your manager the outcome of activity suggested to him and value add in the process towards revenue . Sometimes preparation is needed for research and things and marketing has become part of sales so it depends upon manager’s request and logic behind marketing efforts. I won’t dismiss it completely unless it is complete waste of time

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