Sales superstitions?

There are 18 selling days left in the year, and while I know everyone's doubling down on best practices, etc, I want to know...

What are your lucky charms? Sales superstitions?

🧦 Lucky socks that boost your close rate?

🕯️ A scented candle that helps you zone in for tricky calls?

🙈 A ritual you do before a demo?

Please share! (Full disclosure, I'd LOVE to publish an article about this at Sales Hacker -- if you or a friend have that story, hit me up!)

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      2 months ago

      Nor sure about the socks or scented candles Kendra! I remember once my biz partner called me before a big pitch and got me to humm the opening riff to “Eye of the Tiger” before walking in. That was a nice injection of hype to lift my mood 🙂 I think anything that gets you into a positive – goal orientated mind set – has to be a good thing. Specifically, a goal centred around moving the customer conversation towards a mutually beneficially outcome for both parties. This time of year is not the time for ticking off KPIs or going thru the motions. It’s about focus. And for sure, my other thing is the belief that deals can get done stateside right up to the bell on new year’s eve. Very different here, downunder where most decision makers are out the door a week before xmas // off to the beach!

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        2 months ago

        “Eye of the Tiger” is powerful stuff! And I appreciate your philosophy toward the end of the year — it’s time to focus in. That feels profoundly *right* for winter, on a metaphorical level — like, in the spring you planted the seeds of your deals, tended them in the summer, and started the hard work of the harvest in the fall. Now it’s time to finish what was started!

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