Kerushan Govender is the Founder and CEO of Blacfox. He has an extensive career in professional sales, spanning the technology and investment banking sectors, including about 10 years in various sales leadership roles at Microsoft. More recently, Kerushan was Area Head at Microsoft, based in Dubai, responsible for business into Public Sector over the Middle East and Africa. Over the course of a decade and a half, Kerushan delivered several hundreds of millions of US dollars in revenues.

As a Statistician by training, Kerushan is uniquely positioned to combine a scientific approach with deep on-the-ground customer engagement experience, producing novel solutions in the field of consulting and sales. Early on in his career, Kerushan spent a year training across Europe and the USA, applying technology to business problems. This training, together with years of experience interrogating financial statements in corporate finance has positioned Kerushan favorably in technology discussions with business leaders, particularly finance professionals.

Kerushan is currently researching a Master’s thesis at WITS Business School, addressing the juncture between finance and technology in today’s business. He has been featured in several news publications for his innovations, involving a provisional patent in sales forecasting, and recently appeared on a talk show on NBC in the USA for his ideas on people-driven computing.


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