What does it mean to you to sell from the heart?

In a world where trust is at an all time low. So low you can step over it. Where many buyers are skeptical about what comes out of your mouth and have their B.S. meters tuned into what you say... those that lead and sell from the heart will stand out amongst the sea of empty suits.

Create your differentiation. Get to your buyers heart. Speed to heart wins.

Share what it means to sell from the heart.

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    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 3.5k POINTS )
      2 weeks, 1 day ago

      Hi @larry-levine Larry!

      So that is a great mantra to have- Sell form the heart!
      What that means to me, is I put myself in the customer’s shoes-always. I have done that my entire career. For instance, one group that I used to work for, we had 3 options to sell (1) Migrate to New Platform (2) Sell Server Upgrade/ Equipment (3) Sell Add Ons. Given 3 options, you had to really dig deep and understand your customer. It would have been easy to sell them a server upgrade, then come back 6 months later and sell add ons, and then another year sell them a platform migration. Not me. I always build that relationship, and you always had a lot of garbage to take care of (that you inherit from previous reps- they promised me a credit, I am supposed to have this feature, I never installed the new server, etc.) and to deal with. Once you take care of all that, they knew they could trust me. Every customer is different, and the sooner you understand their true position. For example, I had a company on my list that the previous rep said, will never ever do anything until they go out of business. I kept after it providing as much value as I could and then we got to the heart of the problem. The owner wasn’t interested in doing anything (upgrades, add ons, migrations) because he really wanted to retire. Serving from the heart, I thought of his best options. So I presented him with the idea, how much more attractive would his business be to a new buyer if he had an up to date business system with the latest and greatest technology? The owner LOVED IT and I even provided ways to attract new buyers! My Sales Manager thought it was a joke when the deal was sent in for approval. He himself had tried several times to approach this customer and several of his top reps. The only reason I succeeded is I believe, I wanted to do what was absolutely best for my customer.
      It is hard though, the easiest thing would have been to sell a server upgrade and move on. That is what management wanted me to do. I didn’t think it was right.
      The biggest thing about selling from the heart is don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to you. Be honest always, if you say you are going to do something, then do it. Little things, very important. I always like to build those relationships and remember at the end of the day, customers make everyone’s paycheck.
      Your line is spot on ” Create your differentiation. Get to your buyers heart. Speed to heart wins.”
      Great topic always, thanks for the great post.



      • Profile picture of Larry Levine
        ( 850 POINTS )
        2 weeks, 1 day ago

        I absolutely love this @mackybradley when we lead with commission breathe and what’s in the best interest of us, we got exposed for what we are, empty suits. Buyers will never share with you the deep secrets going on inside their company until you show how much you care. This means digging in deep, pulling back the business covers and diving in. If you make the emotional deposits in their bank account then you will be able to collect on what happens next. Good stuff! Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Profile picture of Shubham Sood
      ( 0 POINTS )
      2 weeks ago

      Selling from the heart is the only possible in case if you can truly empathize with your customer and the problem you can solve.
      To solve at scale and speed you need – Targeted Buyers and Personalised Selling.
      You combine both and you create magic.

      • Profile picture of Larry Levine
        ( 850 POINTS )
        1 week, 4 days ago

        #speedtoheart business is personal. It is up to all those in sales to align to the heart of what matters with their clients and prospects.

    • Profile picture of Shruti Kapoor
      ( 310 POINTS )
      2 weeks ago

      I have a different perspective – you need to sell the way the person buying will understand it best. If I am selling to an analytical role perhaps selling with logic and numbers is more important. Especially in this time when everyone has to focus on and justify RoI and impact.

      • Profile picture of Larry Levine
        ( 850 POINTS )
        1 week, 4 days ago

        Sure we can sell they way people buy. Of course logic and numbers play a part. When you focus on numbers one misses out on the true impact. The true impact is only uncovered when you engage at the heart level. Mind and heart work together.

    • Profile picture of marygreencny
      ( 1.2k POINTS )
      1 week, 4 days ago

      For me selling from the heart means selling from a place of genuinely caring about the client and believing that I’m offering the best solution for their obstacles. Of course, this means believing in what I’m selling and that it will provide the results the client needs to produce.

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