Email Sequence Rewrite

We are attempting to write a sequence to Services oriented firms that are non-tech focused. This company helps develop and maintain software ideas (anything goes). We are currently targeting non C-Suite as we have a Founder to Founder running right now. Any thoughts on any of these emails would be super helpful.

Email 1 - Delay: None
Subject: Bet you’re more tech-savvy than you think!

Hi (NAME),

Leaders like yourself know that technology is one of the paths toward value creation. Unlike partners who focus on technology companies, we exist to make Software as a Service business model accessible to all. Especially companies with no technology experience.

HalfSerious works with businesses that have not yet made the move to owning their own software product. Our process breaks down into four steps:

Developing the strategy
Designing the product
Building the software
Managing the technology

Check out how we worked with Capango to help build a new business based on an underserved market...and had a blast doing it!

If this sounds interesting to COMPANY, let's set up a time with our CEO, Eric, and your team to explore the possibilities. Would (TWO TIMES) work? Let’s chat (MEETING LINK).



P.S. Our culture is super important to us! We bring the fun!! Check out our fantastic, and a bit more than HalfSerious, team!

Email 2 - Delay: 1 Week
Subject: (FIRST NAME)-What are your product ambitions?

If you don't mind me asking, what is your intuition telling you about how owning your technology would transform business at (COMPANY)?
Recently, our client Jakibi evolved from a service business to a tech-enabled company that VCs want to talk to. All because they now own their software platform. This could be your future too!
For leaders with product ambitions, HalfSerious has proven to be a valuable development partner by specializing in helping companies with little to no technology experience launch proprietary SaaS solutions.
What day this week works for a quick 18-minute chat? Chat over coffee (or your poison of choice)? Let us help you accomplish your mission-driven ideas and bring them to life.
PS why "HalfSerious"; because we realized early on that greatness is in the agency of others and that our products need to capture hearts and minds, not just solve problems.

Email 3 - Delay: 3 Days
Subject: We cheat! (get your SaaS products done faster and cheaper)


Well it’s not really cheating! We’ve invested in the automation required to deploy an enterprise quality cloud architecture on AWS for you in a few hours (instead of weeks)! We then leverage our inventory of reusable components to build your product faster.

Unlike competitors that will charge for these “parts,” we will include them for free so that you can get to the market quicker. We are fanatically committed to being the world’s best SaaS-Product innovation partner.

What days work best to run your thoughts by the team? Let’s chat!

PS Check out what our client, Kickflo, achieved through a partnership with us.

Email 4 - Delay: 1 Week-
Subject: Technology to drive growth at (COMPANY)

With the tight talent market, are you looking for ways to increase productivity through technology?
Finding an effective product design and development partner is crucial to shared success-- HalfSerious has been helping business leaders achieve a speed to market with product design, development, and ongoing monitoring solutions. We helped a digital mortgage leader "make its platform feel magical to the user" by transforming its existing product. All while keeping their customer and internal team top of mind.
Let's explore ways we can partner and help make magic happen. Does Tuesday or Thursday work best for a quick 22-minute chat over a virtual coffee?

Email 5 - Delay: 1 Week
Subject: The partner (COMPANY) deserves

Hi again,

I know; here is that “salesperson” from HalfSerious again. But since I know your peers are bringing their SaaS product ideas to life, I would love to know your ideas on how to make your customer experience as sticky as possible.

Leaders are concerned with the ability to innovate and grow so technology is crucial. Ask, Capango who launched a specialized recruitment platform to help address the hiring challenges in the retail industry.

If having access to an inventory of software “parts” and validating concepts with a trusted partner sounds interesting, let’s chat. We aim to make these quick chats valuable. Have 15-20 minutes or so?


Email 6 - Delay: 1 Week-The “Breakup Email”
Subject: Point me in the right direction?

Hi (NAME),

You are busy running (COMPANY), and perhaps this is not the best timing. Just maybe a quick favor? Could you let me know a better time to connect or someone else who could benefit from a quick conversation?

As a quick reminder, HalfSerious is a strategic partner in helping you create value by bringing your SaaS ideas to life. We do this through four simple steps: strategy, design, development, and monitoring. Our team is always geeking out on learning how we can bring these visions to life. By all means, shoot us your ideas.

Keep us in mind should you think of an idea to run by our team of avid creatives here at HalfSerious.

Talk soon!

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