As Sales & Success Manager for the Pipeline 44 Group, I work alongside the Co-Founders who created the 8 Social Selling Methodologies that fundamentally transform your pipeline. When you engage with the Pipeline 44 Group, you:

► Impact Brand Awareness & Brand Visibility Through Social Platforms
► Create More Inbound & Outbound Leads within your IDEAL target market
► Attract Customers and Create Demand for Your Products & Services
► Improve and Grow your Sales Pipeline through Proactive Prospecting
► Give Your Sales Team Confidence & Competence to Implement Social Selling
► Leverage the Networks of Your Employees & Create Employee Advocacy
► Create an Army of Brand Ambassadors who are Trusted by Prospects
► Position Your Company as the 'Go To' Brand via Thought Leadership
► Nurture Your Pipeline & Stay Top Of Mind with Existing & Future Clients
► Gain Significant Competitive Advantage & Sales Growth

Leadership Teams: We help your C-Suite Boardroom Members become Authority Thought Leaders, by Developing their Own Personal Brands as Industry Experts on Social Platforms.

Sales Team: We help your Direct & Channel Sales Teams become Trusted Brand Ambassadors, Content Creators, Trusted Advisors who Prospect, Nurture & Proactively Create Leads to Fill Your Sales Pipeline.

Marketing: We help Marketing Align with Sales, Creating Story Tellers, Content Creators & Brand Advocates who Understand Social Selling Methodologies To Impact Pipeline & Support Sales.

HR & Recruitment: We help your Hiring Managers & HR Department to create a consistent pipeline of talent (without paying Agency fees). We help you position your company as an Employer of Choice, consistently attracting great talent.

The Pipeline 44 Group provides consultancy, training and expertise in the following areas:

* Social Selling
* LinkedIn Marketing
* Sales Prospecting
* Sales Navigator
* Copywriting
* Content Creation
* Instagram
* Storytelling
* Video Creation
* YouTube
* Behavioural Profiling

Sales & Success Manager

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