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Question for all you seasoned sales professionals! For those that switched roles from individual contributors to sales leaders, what made you switch career paths? As sales professionals, we show leadership everyday, working with cross-functional partners, representing the company as the account lead, etc., but what prepares you to lead an actual team? Can you make the jump from manager to sales leader, as I feel like these are two very different things. Would love all perspectives, including size of company, as I feel a company in growth mode has a very different sales model than lets say, a Salesforce!

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    • “Can you make the jump from manager to sales leader, as I feel like these are two very different things.”

      I would recommend a recent book / guide by Scott Leese called FROM REP TO MANAGER: https://scottleeseconsulting.com/get-the-book/

      It’s a really practical guide to transitioning into sales management that answers a lot of your questions.

    • Hi @lindsaycodi It’s a great question and I agree with you – the switch from individual contributor to sales leader can be a big one. It’s also not the best move for everyone. Some people love management and for others becoming even more of a sales specialist can be a better progression (not all progression means it has to be management 🙂 ).

      A great way to try it out and gain some experience is to ask for opportunities to mentor others on the team or to help guide new starters. This gives a good sense of whether it is something that you will enjoy too. I also recommend reading The Sales Manager’s Guide To Greatness by Kevin Davis – it will give you an idea of some of the things that you might like to consider.

      For me, I made the jump because I love coaching and helping others have breakthroughs. I still get the thrill of sales but instead I am excited for my team members closing the deal. I also enjoy the challenges of strategising and leading a team.

      If you’d like to have a chat I’d be happy to share my experience as someone who only made the transition a year ago. You can find me on LinkedIn or I think we can email through here too.

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