New Approaches in Sales Territory Prioritization

One of the most important parts of successful sales starts w territory management. I’ve worked w several large companies, and each has their own method or best practices in terms of how to prioritize accounts. Curious if anyone has utilized technology to help sales reps w prioritizing accounts or another method? With so much information and accounts, the task can be daunting and I feel like there should be more opportunities to leverage data and automate this piece of the job, to truly arm each sales reps w a strong foundation to succeed in their roles. Would love to learn more about how you prioritize accounts at your organizations and if you have utilized technology to help with harnessing information to help sales reps build a stronger foundation for understanding where opportunities lie and where their energies should be spent.

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    • Profile picture of Jade Pulfer
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      1 month ago

      We have ours sorted mostly by vertical- one for Education, Federal, Retail, Religious, etc. as far as leads. We also break that down by territory, We don’t have it automated, but as leads come in we assign to that person that oversees that vertical/territory. Not sure this helps or not…

    • Profile picture of Joanne Webb
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      1 month ago

      From any inside sales perspective at companies I have worked for in the past and my own business it has been through a certain vertical ex cooking, territory by state, certain levels of accounts ex size. I have worked my territory with a CRM system and have scheduled follow ups. I hope this helps.

    • Profile picture of Keith Daw
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      1 month ago

      Great question, Lindsay! I have a sales leadership training coming up on that very topic, and I’d be more than happy to chat for a few to see if extending an invite for you to attend as my guest makes sense!

      You’re correct…so many variables to consider, although there are a handful of foundational items all teams would want to have in place, and we could certainly start there!

    • Lindsay– check out http://www.fullcast.iohttps://vimeo.com/492285004

      You are right– there is a lot of room to automate this space.

    • Profile picture of Sebastian Harrison
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      1 month ago

      Hi a few things to consider ordering cycle and fish where the fish are.

    • Profile picture of Andrew Miller
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      1 month ago

      Technology is supposed to make life easier but at times it can certainly bog you down. A great list of technology that can help is found on this site. https://www.saleshacker.com/sales-tools/

      I think you need to determine your ICP (Ideal company/client profile) then your buyer’s Matrix.

      I dont know what product you sell, or the company size you got after, but i think you need to prioritize them into tier 1, tier 2, tier 3.

      Tier 1 – The Grails –> Companies high on the hierarchy. Companies that if you have these and use them as a reference open up the doors for others.
      Tier 2 – The Meds –> Companies you can use to perfect your sales process, perfect your methodology. Could potentially make splash companies that are on the upward trajectory
      Tier 3 – The Burners –> Companies that you practice on, companies for new reps to go after if they lose them it doesn’t matters.

      Hopefully, this helps and best of luck

      • Profile picture of Andrew Miller
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        1 month ago

        Tier 2 should also companies you’re for sure getting. Tehy match your ICP you have your sales process/methdology down youre good.

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