How do you know what your team needs?

Do you have monthly check ins where you ask them?

What talk tracks do you use to open up that conversation?

Any tips welcome!

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      2 weeks, 1 day ago

      Definitely gotta have regular cadence to your check-ins and make them productive. Don’t let them get derailed into straight up pipeline/deal reviews which happens often enough ins ales.

      What I’ve found is that there is a lot of things happening with the team outside of scheduled sessions (1:1’s, pipeline reviews, structured formal coaching and so on), It’s all the adhoc stuff that you do as a manager that should fuel / prompt some ideas for talk tracks to open up conversations. Maybe you’ve spotted an anamoly in CRM data that needs to be addressed as an example.

      I think noting these things down and using these to prep your input is a good jumping off point. I’d go for bi-weekly 1:1’s as a minimum more so than monthly check-ins but the timing is all dependent on the size of the team and what you’re looking to achieve.

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      2 weeks, 1 day ago

      Great question! I find biweekly 1:1s alongside monthly team check-ins to be beneficial in gathering insights from your team.

      In terms of talk tracks, it may be helpful to ask, “What has success looked like to you? Are there any areas that I, or the rest of the team, may be able to best support you?”

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