A comprehensive list of all sales roles

I'd love to put together a list of every sales role that exists. In the last couple of years, so many new roles have been created. Here is the list I have so far but I know I'm missing some.


Inside Sales
Outside Sales
Field Sales

Account Manager
Mid Market Account Manager
Enterprise Account Manager

Partnerships Manager

SDR Manager
Sales Enablement Manager

Head of Sales
Director of Sales
VP of Sales
Chief Revenue Officer

What other roles can I add?

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    • Hey @luizcent, to be honest the only one new I see in that list is the CRO one. That’s from the past 3-5 years I guess. Everything else is pretty much the same. There’s too many out there to list them, so I’m curious on why would you want to build a list?

      In the past, I’ve had and known these, just off of the top my head:

      Remote / Inside jobs:
      Lead Development Rep (SDRs as well)
      Internet Response Rep (that’s what Oracle called SDRs back in the day)
      Inside Sales Admin (Dell had those)

      AM jobs:
      Technical Account Manager
      SMB Account Manager
      Corporate Account Manager
      Strategic Account Manager
      Global Account Manager
      Industry-based AM (i.e.: Telco Account Manager / Retail Account manager, etc.)

      Channel jobs:
      Partner Business Manager
      Channel Manager
      Inside Partner Business Manager

      Same goes for management roles I guess…

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      2 months, 4 weeks ago

      Hey Luiz! Outreach’s VP of Data Science, Pavel Dmitriev, recently shared with me that his data science team has identified 50 MILLION unique titles in the Outreach database. 🙂

      That said, it looks like you and @alecabral have a good start here! I’d be interested to hear some RevOps titles, as well.

    • How about those pre-sales roles?

      Sales Engineer
      Solutions Consultant
      Solutions Architect
      Value Engineer

    • I would want to add Remote Sales: Channel Sales: Tele-Sales: Distributor Sales. I think there are so many titles.

    • OMG @luizcent I am so glad to see you here!! It’s awesome to have one of my INBOUND buddies at SH.

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