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Hi! I am Macky, and very pleased to meet you! A little about me.......Dynamic business executive that demonstrates uncompromising integrity, ability to readily interpret complex data and issues while delivering solutions that solve needs and improve lives. Able to differentiate from the competition by flawless execution and delivering world class customer support! I thrive on how well I can improve things for you, not me! I am not a perfectionist, I just like things done a certain way! Am I competitive? You bet your bottom dollar! I like being at the top of the leaderboard! I am a remote working VIP, I worked remotely long before this pandemic. Expert status. Am I a hard worker? Yes, yes I am. I try to work smarter, but in the end, I do whatever it takes to take care of the customer, take care of my manager, and take care of the company. So if you are looking for someone with experience that is able to self manage, show up everyday and contribute to the team and bottom line, and work tirelessly to achieve the mission- then you have found your guy. If not, you are still looking for somebody. Cheers! I look forward to our future conversations! I love to listen to all kinds of music. Music is our connection to the universe. See my play list on my phone. When I am not working at my day job, I am a struggling Voice Over artist. Maybe someday you will hear me on a famous TV show or movie. Thanks for reading! Macky 

Founding Member
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