How much Tech is in your Stack?

I love the technology that is available to the community in this time, at a certain point, can too much technology hinder the situation?
Counting the systems your teams have to use, include e-mail, everything computer related- how many total systems do they have to have a working knowledge of, in your opinion, to be successful?

Very curious- it ranges all the way from yeah, I got Salesforce and email to>>>> How much is too much?

Honest answers only!

Looking forward to your reply!


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    • Salesforce, Salesloft, Gong, Zoom, Drift, OneMob, LISN, Salesintel for Sales. Let’s not even get started on Marketing. The struggle is real, but I value all these tools for what they give me.

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      1 week, 5 days ago

      Hey! I dont know if it’s the amount of tech that matters, but what tech you have!

      I would say if you have:
      Zoominfo, Outreach, SFDC, and LinkedIn Navigator- you can do A LOT!

      I have sold before for companies that didnt have any tech and had to use google for contact info and excel sheets for managing and it was horrible! It made for really lazy reps!

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      1 week, 5 days ago

      What an interesting question. I think you need a happy balance of what works vs too much or too little. I would think things such as CRM, Slack, LinkedIn Navigator, computer systems such as email, Word, Excel etc you should be pretty set. I have used various tools over the years.

    • Isn’t it a sign that when you spend more time managing the software (figuring out how to use it, making each thing talk to the others, adding new people and training them to use it…) than doing the thing you got the software to achieve, you have too much – or the wrong ones?

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      1 week, 1 day ago

      I currently use Teams, Outlook, Citrix, Encompass, and soon salesforce.

      I choose to use Microsoft To-Do to manage my tasks

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