Does your company have a deal desk?

I'm super thrilled to have published an article + infographic that we worked on with SalesHacker around successful Deal Desks (https://www.saleshacker.com/deal-desk-infographic).

I'm interested to know if the folks in this channel have a deal desk in their organizations, or if they are planning on implementing one this year?

What is a Deal Desk?
Complex, large deals with long sales cycles can be a nightmare to manage. The contracts are often non-standard and you may need sign-off from several teams and stakeholders. This makes it easy for mistakes to slip in.

A deal desk gathers all important stakeholders and information in one place to ensure high-value, complex deals get signed.

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    • Thanks for sharing this with us, Mark. Is there a certain software one should use for a deal desk?

      • Thanks for your response, Mary!

        Our tool, RevOps (revops.io) is purpose-built to help organizations build a successful deal desk. We’re going to be expanding our offering in the next few weeks to provide even more value in this space.

        Stay tuned!

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