Does an inside sales manager + sales ops hybrid position exist?

Is anyone aware of a specific position that combines the responsibilities of an inside sales manager with the report & dashboard making, CRM optimizing, and CRM training of a sales operation position? If so, what is that position called and what is the job description? I'm currently an inside sales manager who plays a big role on the sales ops team and I'd like to turn this into a specific and defined position. Thanks for your help!

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      3 days, 4 hours ago

      I’ve filled this role before as well, but I’m unaware of a title that applies. I do have job descriptions for each role independently. Inside Sales Manager + Sales Operations Manager
      This is pretty common in many smaller organizations.

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      2 days, 9 hours ago

      Yes, We have one. Since in a lean organisation like ours we don’t have so much of continuous activities happening related to Sales Ops hence she is we identified to take the experience channelled to Inside Sales as well.

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