Sick of Zoom meetings? What experience are you looking for?

Ever since quarantine started it's one Zoom meeting after another. Now everyone's having virtual conferences, so more videos.

Is it getting on your nerves? Are you DONE with video? Or is it a new normal we have to get used to?

And if that's the case, should we be taking time off from work to go to virtual conferences?

What are your thoughts on Zoom fatigue? What experience or platform would you rather use or have?

Let's discuss below.

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      Profile picture of Amy Hrehovcik
      ( 4.1k POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      Most of these require relative closeness, but…

      I’d drive 300 miles for a day at the beach (meeting) or Central Park picnics or a intermural softball game.

      How bout a little Top Golf?!! And I dont even play golf. (Sensors in golf balls though? Score board. Beginner friendly. Come on!!)

      Botanical garden strolls.

      Rent some drones/go pros for the afternoon. Split the footage. Marketing will live you!

      Are dog parks open? I’m pro-puppy parties.

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      Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 16.1k POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      Hi @marygreencny Mary!

      When all of this first started, I was totally against the “Happy Hours” , and “Virtual Meet-ups”.
      As time progressed, and I missed my team and the people I worked with everyday, I grew to love the Happy Hours, Get togethers and so on onZoom!
      I became thankful for any opportunity to connect in any way, whatever the modem!
      Now, because of COVID-19, all opportunities for our meetings have gone.
      Nobody is working, What I would not give to talk to my team ………one last time!
      Gotta go…….. Be safe everyone!

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      Profile picture of Ronnell Richards
      ( 970 POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      Mary I’ve done events for my company on WebinarJam, Remo and Zoom Webinar.

      These events have all been major successes and people really enjoy them. I think the difference between what I do and what others do is I make a production out of it. We try to make it really collaborative and fun.

      It’s like watching a television show you like and getting to participate in it.

      I hated classroom lectures… hated them in person on video and zoom is no different. The key to making these work for you is edutainment. Use the tools for collaboration and produce your conferences like tv.

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      Profile picture of Stephanie Lippincott
      ( 2.8k POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      If the Zoom conference or webinar is engaging and requires me to have input, I’d be in. Just being talked at for a couple of hours is boring. I can watch a reply and speed through what I need. I think conferences in general need to be interactive. I zone out after 30 minutes in-person or online. Just my two-cents.

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      Profile picture of Tom Horne
      ( 950 POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      Key for me is to bring energy, humor and something different to every call. I want my zoom meetings to be the best one of the day for the client/team member! It’s about the message and energy you bring to the interaction not the medium for me.
      >> I try and do 1,2 virtual events each week. I schedule them onto my calendar and protect the time like I do a demo. It helps me stay relevant and not overwhelmed with trying to feel like I’m always missing something.
      >> I have done one virtual conference and just let it run in the background instead of music and would engage in between my other tasks which was actually pretty great. Watching an 8 hour show solely would not work for this ADD Saleshacker 🙂

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      Profile picture of Nicole Sterkel
      ( 1.2k POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      Great question! Personally, my experience has been a bit of an inverted bell curve. Zoom meetings started off cool and new and fun! It was like how we talked to clients, but we get to meet with each other virtually and get insight into how other people live and see random pets and kids! Zoom book club, wahoo!!

      But as time wore on and face-to-face interactions dwindled, virtual connections started to feel like cheap impersonations of real existence. I’ve never liked being talked at, but it’s worse when you’re at home and could be doing a million other things. It started to grate on my nerves for sure.

      As with many things, though, you get used to it. People have been tossing around the “new normal” for months, but it’s really manifested now that we’re in late August and there is no sign of things changing anytime soon. Now, I feel more positive about Zoom meetings. I look forward to the opportunities to see people’s faces, and Zoom fatigue doesn’t feel any worse than those days where it seemed like the entire 8-5 was meeting after meeting.

      It’s all about how you approach it, and to touch on virtual conferences – I am 100% a fan. I can register for interesting conferences and don’t have to dedicate an entire day to it. If I don’t have the time that day, I’ll get the recording in my inbox and watch it at my convenience.

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      Profile picture of John Cipollone
      ( 350 POINTS )
      2 years, 5 months ago

      Just today two of my accounts said they a switching to TEAMS. Looks like Zoom is having some issues. I haven’t had any problems as of yet.

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