Leadership during COVID - How are you adjusting for the marathon?

We’ve transitioned our thinking from getting through this to what if it lasts forever, Covid planning was looking like a sprint, now looking like a marathon.

What are the things we need to do to settle into this - what are you doing differently than what you did in the beginning?

Share your answer below.

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    • Profile picture of Macky Bradley
      ( 6.9k POINTS )
      1 month, 1 week ago

      Great question Max! @max-altschuler

      First of all, I agree we do need to treat this entirely like a marathon, sorry to say, like it is not going away.
      Employers need to step up and just realize the only way to go is to stay working from home,
      An industry expert have told me this current COVID-19 situation is going to last until 2023 sometime.
      (I hope like heck that he is wrong, because we will all be crazy by then and won’t have to worry about it.
      So I applied for a position that I totally qualified for, would be excellent at it. My contact replies back and says well, yeah, we are remote through 2021, but after that, we are back in the office. So you don’t live here, so you are not a great fit. So, at least for the next 16 months, you are working from home, but you are disqualifying me because…… it is thinking like that…. gets me every time!

      Start planning like everyday is a pandemic or a risk of pandemic.
      Do everything that you can to protect your employees now and plan for the future.
      Do a risk management assessment now! Get it in writing and share with senior C-level leaders.
      If we go back to the office, can we successfully move to work from home operations without a hiccup?
      Work through your scenarios, have your plan laid out so there is no question of what to do in the event another WFH order is issued.
      Why is everybody focused on “when we get back to the office, everything is going to be better, just wait!”
      That is optimistically thinking, however, why not strategically plan now?
      Your future may just depend on it!



    • Profile picture of Tom Horne
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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Goes without saying as ya’ll know it’s been a rule for a long time but If you are PRODUCT selling right now, you are even further behind then you were (and you certainly were pre-pandemic). If you’re not out there trying to understand the problems and help people solve their problems then you’re just another time suck and jerk that doesn’t get it. I’m really tightening up my approach to be wildly consultative and doing a lot more research to have more than a surface level of understanding surrounding the problems my future clients are dealing with and trying to solve. I’ve always had my “many in your industry find x, y, z to be an issue” but today I’m having to be able to understand far more than a few pain points, I need to truly get elbow deep into the lives of my future clients to understand their challenges on all levels. Also keeping me busy and something to focus on learning through all this. Oh and also (don’t hate me) I’m super focused on my outreach cadence, doing more calls than ever and finding some success believe it or not.

      • Profile picture of Mary Green 🔹
        ( 5k POINTS )
        1 month ago

        I like how you are differentiating yourself by effectively becoming a consultant. It reminds me of the companies that sell based on someone meeting certain criteria before selling to them. Of course, I’m also a fan of the customer success approach in every department of the company, and your ideas here are exactly that; customer success.

        • Profile picture of Tom Horne
          ( 740 POINTS )
          1 month ago

          Tanks! I’m guessing my 15 years in hospitality had something to do with shaping my approach lol

    • Profile picture of Shruti Kapoor
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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Max you are spot on – it is gonna be a loooong marathon, perhaps a Comrades run 🙂
      One thing that we learnt from crunching a ton of sales call data is that sales cycles are going to be more drawn out (add to that marathon feeling). Follow ups and staying relevant and helpful is going to be key.

      • Profile picture of Tom Horne
        ( 740 POINTS )
        1 month ago

        And spending time learning, growing and practicing that follow up is essential to sales teams. The quality and creativity of your follow up needs to be really on point as EVERYONE is in the same game so I think a great place for sales leaders to spend their time is on this skill

    • Profile picture of Matt Flamman
      ( 420 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      At the beginning of COVID, we were faced with a lot of unknowns and our team was going through lots of change.

      As a leader, I had the team look back to see what worked, what did not, and lead from the front with what was resonating.

      In order to get that information flowing, we agreed to realign on what our common purpose should be since we evolved in our new WFH environment.

      Our goal was to determine what we needed right now in order to become a high-performing team vs. a working group.

      We spent about an hour talking about the success we have had, blockers we encountered, obstacles we have overcome, and our new team dynamics to drum up inspiring ideas for our new common purpose.

      Based on the discovery session, each rep created an objective in the form of a hashtag, an approach to execute that objective and one thing that they would “put their name on” to make a difference this quarter. Then we took pieces of each rep’s common purpose to create 1 common purpose we were all aligned to.

      This helped us understand what the team needed in order to be successful which was a significant difference from how we were operating in March.

    • Profile picture of Shobana Sisubalan
      ( 200 POINTS )
      1 month ago

      Over the past few months, we have all experienced our lives being changed in ways we never thought possible. This new norm of remote working has filled us with too many online meetings a day. Zoom usage is booming. First of all, we must think of a way to keep the morale of the workers as they work in an isolated environment. We must create a channel for socializing and another channel for work purposes. This way we can maintain an effective team.
      As you said this pandemic situation has turned to be a marathon so we must be clear with our documentation of work for future purposes.


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