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    • Outreach’s origin story includes a monumental pivot to give clients access to the internal selling solution Outreach was using to sell their “recruitment agency” product.
      What individual piece or pieces of Outreach’s current sales operations would you point at to explain Outreach’s competitive advantage in selling BESIDES Outreach’s feature set?

    • Okay so here are two things I’ve always wanted to ask you, @max-altschuler:

      1) What do you think you’d be doing now if you hadn’t decided to start Sales Hacker 7 years ago?

      2) You talk to a lot of sales and marketing leaders every week about the changes we’ve seen this year because of the pandemic. What do you think are the stickiest changes that won’t go away once we’re all safe, vaccinated and the economy is back up and humming?

      I’ll take my answer off the air 😁

    • What’s next for you following the great success of sales hacker and outreach? 🙂

    • 2020 has been my only real experience as an SDR so pretty much all from home and all virtual.

      What is one thing you miss about the good old days (pre-covid)?

      Thanks for all the great content! Sales Hacker has been a real lifesaver for me in this new role : )

    • What would you advice to do if we have an unique solution but our customers, engineering people are only focussing on the lowest price? Even if we have a better TCO the focus is on the purchase and operation costs is not taken into account.

    • People, Process, Tech. The key is people! Arguably most critical job or any leader or entrepreneur. Your uncovering, recruiting, and hiring great —- and sometimes overlooked talent seems to be some of the secret sauce behind SalesHacker!

      Can you talk in specifics how you went about finding “Diamonds” in the rough. Or non-traditional candidates who wound up being key players in building @SalesHacker? Did you create a system? How did you recruit? etc. etc!

    • Hye @max-altschuler, here is a thought for discussion. I follow a lot of sales leaders (most are from the US). Most say the same things, same messaging, same philosophy.
      My question is: how d you change your sales message when you do lead generation in Europe vs in USA?

    • First thank you Max for taking the time to answer our questions. I am more of a seasoned sales representative who believes you always need to learn. I would like to see what you think more of the sales trends will be for 2021 even just an overview.

      • t’s tough because one of the biggest unknowns is what’s going to happen (stay online or will things open back up)
        -local events
        -there’s a lot more people in the online channel, so seeing what companies will do to combat the saturation
        -original research and higher quality content
        -more reps becoming their own brands and leveraging LI
        -more sales tech

    • Where to go after SDR/BDR if you don’t want to be an account executive at your company?

      • First, work on your LI brand! You can take your brand with you wherever you go and that sets you apart in a pile of resumes! Act as a consultant and thoughtleader. You have a lot of data at your fingertips to leverage!
        You can move into: product, customer success, marketing, content, account management, etc.
        Your SDR role is a springboard to so many different areas of your organization!

    • Profile picture of Bobby Walter
      ( 610 POINTS )
      2 months, 3 weeks ago

      What do you currently see broken for most companies with sales engagement?

    • I’ve recently been charged with developing a new B2B sales model selling a new benefits program to companies. I’ve never developed a new B2B framework from the ground up – where should I start and what are some recommendations you would provide? For context, it will be just myself selling with the intention of bringing on more staff as we scale.

    • How many “touches” are too many? Thanks @maxaltschuler

      • We see that things start to diminish after 14 days, so in those 14 days, there’s no silver bullet, but somewhere between 9-15 touches.

    • What advice would you have for someone who is in a role where there isn’t any immediate growth potential?

      • Stay if you’re learning and there’s a path for continuous learning. If there’s no learning going on, leave.
        20’s for learning, 30’s for earning!

    • If you could design ONE feature that is not our your product roadmap that would make life much easier for SDR, what would it be? Why is it not on your roadmap?

      All these stats I see on LI about using certain words and not using others – is it really just fluff? 25 words is ideal but 50 is also good. 80 is too many etc. These are not truly scientific studies – the data is found to validate certain opinions but it’s often misleading. Is this your take, as well?

    • @max-altschuler this is awesome! Looking forward to the event.

      Here’s my question for you:

      We’ve seen a shift in SaaS where sales development leaders are being looked at as more than just ‘lead factory managers.’ They bring strategic direction, alignment, and the voice of the prospect to the table.

      Do you see more companies carving out roles like ‘VP of Sales Development’ or “Chief Sales Development Officer’ in the future? What can sales dev leaders today expect their roles to look like in the future?

      • VP of Sales Development for Sure- maybe not C-level because it usually rolls up to Revenue or Marketing.
        It pays to be “the go to sales development person”. A lot of orgs will live and die by pipeline.

        • Thanks @katie_ray! Managed to hop on a few minutes before you got to my question – it was good timing!

          Really enjoyed this event (and tbh, all of the AMAs SH runs). Looking forward to the next one!

    • Hey Max, I’m a newbie to saleshacker. I have a question for you:

      I am starting a sales consultancy to help support the UK taxi market (B2b Sales, and internal sales within the market promoting best practice and solutions), with a view to creating an outbound contact centre in Islamabad. I am formulating my sales engagement and enablement strategy, but if you were in my shoes, what are the first 3 most important things I should be focusing on?

      • 1. Understanding your ICP (assume you have product market fit)/Mapping target accounts to ICP (people we want to go after, what low hanging fruit looks like, BANT checklist)
        2. Content (A/B test ASAP! look at competitor messaging if starting from scratch)
        3. HIRING! (make sure you have the right people! Start with someone who will roll up their sleeves and do the work and manage the process and build the team)

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