I have a confession to make, I have become unmotivated to do team-building activities with my team this deep into the pandemic. At first, I was arranging happy hours, team lunches with food delivery, virtual escape rooms, and this week I reflected and realized I haven't done anything in months.

I'm grateful that I'm realizing the error of my ways however I'm sure other teams are feeling the burnout. What are some ideas that you have used to keep your teams engaged and collaborative while still working from home and in some cases the new permanent.


Melissa Murillo

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      1 month, 2 weeks ago

      Hey Melissa,
      The Burnout is all so real!
      And we are not returning to offices any time soon.
      I know one thing we did at a company I worked for pre-covid and we just started doing it on my team where I currently work. Team Daily Stand ups. It can be formal, informal and then you can assign people to help out or lead so they feel more involved. Like research on a competitor- have them do the research and present to the team.
      Definitely love your idea of free lunch delivered, that is awesome! I would start that back immediately.
      We also have an amazing HR team that put together a team building event, kind of like a race around the world, all done virtually.
      One friend of mine incorporated their sales engagement/ policies with the game of jeopardy. It was cool. They had a virtual game that looked just like the Jeopardy board. At the end they awarded the top 3 a prize.
      Little things also- celebrate those with your team.
      If somebody gets a great sale or opportunity created, or hits a target- print them out a certificate and present it to the team- this goes a long way.
      What about a Book Club? That is always awesome. While people are all learning, it let’s you learn about their personalities and operating styles.
      And as always, put yourself in your team’s shoes.
      Have fun and let them know your goal is to make them successful and to the next level.
      Hope this helps!
      Cheers Melissa!
      Macky B

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Great question, Melissa! I wrote a few blog posts that might help give you some ideas:

      – Your Sales Team’s Attitude Heightens Their Altitude! – How a Sales Manager Can Help Their Sales Team be More Positive at https://b2bsalesconnections.com/your-sales-teams-attitude-heightens-their-altitude/
      – How Salespeople Can Work From Home Effectively and Keep a Positive Attitude at https://b2bsalesconnections.com/how-sales-people-can-effectively-work-from-home-and-keep-a-positive-attitude/
      – Feeling Overwhelmed & Burnt Out At Work? at https://b2bsalesconnections.com/feeling-overwhelmed-burnt-out-at-work/

      Hope these help. Good luck!

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      1 month, 1 week ago

      Hi Melissa
      Some good suggestions here already for more formal or organized team building. I’d take a slightly different view as well. If you’re feeling unmotivated and burnt out, your team probably is too. Rather than getting them to do more ‘stuff’ – and however much fun it is, a team building activity is still another task – I’d suggest just checking in with everyone, maybe over a team lunch or 1:1. Find out how everyone is feeling. What pressure and / or stress (the two are different) are people experiencing. What’s energising? What’s draining? Sometimes just having time out to share and empathize is what we need and you’ll probably learn a lot about the team and what they need. Then ask them for ideas of what would help in terms of engagement and collaboration and design something together. That in itself will probably be a step towards what you want to achieve. Hope that helps and you find your motivation again soon.

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