Do you use social media monitoring to generate leads? If so, how?

I'm curious:

1. Have you tried social media monitoring for prospecting / leadgen?
2. If not, why not?
3. If so, what have you tried? What works, and what doesn't?

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    • Profile picture of AJ Alonzo
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      1 week, 6 days ago

      @mick I haven’t for a while, but for my high-value target accounts I used to set-up a Hootsuite view and Google Alert to monitor their online activity. It helped me uncover a ton of referenceable posts, articles, news stories, etc. Using these as trigger events gave my outreach more purpose, especially on follow-ups.

      I would only do it for my top-tier accounts though – it’s a bit time consuming to set-up, so it didn’t make sense to include all of my accounts.

      You can also set-up feeds to get industry-specific news, and use that as a trigger for your outreach.

    • Profile picture of Katie Ray
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      1 week, 6 days ago

      I wouldnt recommend this for younger reps because they often end up spending too much time setting this up instead of actually calling their prospects.
      I think this works best for Mid-Market to Enterprise reps. I would focus on a handful of target accounts and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to keep track of the specific person and the specific company. This way, I can also know if my target person moves companies and can follow them there and leverage that change with the first company!

    • Profile picture of Ilija Cosic
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      1 week, 6 days ago

      Well, if you consider LinkedIn as a social media platform then you can easily generate leads through automation tools.

      What about that?

      We were able to generate 1M ARR for our SaaS using only outbound LinkedIn outreach through an inception approach to sales.

      If you’d like to know more – add me on LinkedIn, I have the same username and I’ll walk you through our methodology. 😊

      My username here is the same as on LinkedIn.

    • Profile picture of Melissa Murillo
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      1 week, 6 days ago

      My team does this in a few ways. The first is through LinkedIn Navigator to be able to see insights into prospects or companies they follow. The second is through ZoomInfo. The team leverages both scoops to get notifications directly to their inbox, but also intent data to understand what companies, industries and topics are trending/surging and in the market so that our outreach is as targeted as possible.

    • When you are young and full of P and vinegar, time seems boundless.

      Then one day you have a life-changing event, a near-death experience.

      It puts a whole new perspective on the value of time.

      Time is our most precious resource and when spent cannot be bought back at any price.

      With this in mind, one wants to use time effectively and get the most from what we expend.

      Is social media monitoring and reaching out to a cold lead that is likely being bombarded by 100 or more others that are also monitoring social media, has never heard of you really an effective use of time?

      I think not.

      I use direct response marketing to reach my ideal prospects and a compelling message that makes them feel I am worth their time and they feel almost compelled to reach out to me.

      There is not a warmer and more qualified lead than one that calls you!

    • I have used visitor tracking on our website to identify accounts that are actively checking our offering, then using ProspectingToolkit scraped their email address and reached out directly.

      It actually worked very well at a small scale, but it’s not something that’s hyper scalable and it is pretty time consuming and manual.

    • We are using LinkedIn, because our tool is meant for LinkedIn and Email outreach.

      We tested out many approaches, and are still doing and learning, but you would be surprised that sometimes even with a basic approach and message you can get excellent results, for example:

      “Hey {firstName}}!

      Just kidding John 🤣

      Would love to connect with you and learn more about your company.”

      We had a really good response rate and a lot of new demos booked. So you never know what will work, but you need to test and find the right approach.

      If you are interested in discussing more about this kind of stuff, don’t hesitate to add me on LinkedIn. The URL is the same as here.

    • Definitely, social media is part of our life, private or corporate. Social media has a lot of information about our current or prospect customers. However, when you can read a relevant fact in social media, probably the project is in advanced stage. In this case the topic is a good way to a cold call but, in my opinion, someone is working, some miles ahead, in this opportunity.

      On the other hand, you can use social media to inform your customer about competitors, market and trends, talking about transformation and could be you can the advisor in the next deal but in this case you are in early engagement moment.

    • I use Social @Mick when I need to gain insights and personal touches for my reach-outs, to make them less generic and spammy. I find this also helps me gain knowledge about where the individual or company is directionally headed towards but also about any key interests they may have that might make my solution or product more appealing to them and their end goal. I do this for my top accounts.

      I ado use Google Alerts, however, and other paid tools to proactively bring me that data as it can be time intensive.


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