Outreach frequency tips?

After how many touches would you say is reasonable to let a Lead go and move on after a multichannel outreach approach i.e. Calls, emails, VMs, video, LinkedIn InMails etc? I know it has a lot to do with personal style as well, but is there an industry standard in SaaS Sales & Biz Dev? Would you say 5, 7 or 10+? I'm trying to build a workflow for our BDRs and any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks, Michael.

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      3 months ago

      Hey @mikeras82, 6 is my magic number though honestly, I try not to let that limit me. Sometimes people just can’t answer or are away or they might just not be able to respond and that could disqualify them if you stick to a flow. That being said, B2B consultative selling requires, in my experience anything from 6 to 12 touches, and yes, multichannel always!

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      3 months ago
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      3 months ago


      To begin, i believe the term is cadences. If plausible look up other companies in your verticle and see their cadences. If SAAS it should be an easy find. Jeb Blount ( i believe its him) says the lucky number 7. I too agree with Alec. Omnichannel approaches are the best

      Linkedin Msg
      Email with Video (something ive incorporated a lot with COVID, i use loom has a great chrome plugin)

      Best of luck!

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      3 months ago

      I’ve used a 9 step sequence as my main go-to and consistently hit between 19 – 34% response rates depending on the persona.

      My main takeaways would be;
      1. Build based on Target Persona (Ideal Customer Profile) i.e. Product Teams, Marketing Teams, Design Teams, Sales Teams…
      2. Distinguish whether you want your sequence to be more of a top-down or bottom-up play
      3. Have a multi-channel approach
      4. Use the sequence to tell a story. Each consecutive email builds info off the next.
      5. My touchpoints: Manual Email, LI Connect, Auto Email, Auto Email, Call Step, Auto Email, Manual LI Message, Auto Email, Email.
      6. Make your last email one where you straight up ask them why they aren’t responding with some humor (it generates a 10% response).
      7. Have each rep create their own individual sequence built off their own personal style. You will then be able to track more effectively what is, isn’t and could work better.

      Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    • We do 4 touches without a call back and then it’s deemed unqualified.

      Voicemail – day one
      Email – day two
      Voicemail and email – one week from original call.
      Email – 10 days from original.

    • I always went five touches over 60 days. If there was no response, whether by phone or email, then I would say it’s time to move on. Some BDR’s get really attached to leads so it’s important to stress the attitude of “working with the willing” as spending too many touches on these types of prospects, could cause them to miss the boat on others.


    • The short answer is, it depends. For me and my team it really has more to do with if it’s strait cold outreach or if it a webinar cadence vs an event follow up. The rule of thumb is 8-10 touches but I’ve also seen research where that number is higher. And if you don’t get ahold of them in that time period, having a nurture cadence built with emails that potentially send monthly or working with marketing to build one until these leads become MQL’s is another way to go as well. There’s also no reason if it is a target prospect, why you can’t take them from one cadence and put them in another if it makes sense for the messaging. For example, could outreach cadence to a webinar invite. Best of luck!

      • Thanks a lot for your insights @melissam! I mostly go for a 8-10 touches as well. It’s great to learn from the community and share best practices, tips & tricks. The touches I’m talking about here by the way are AFTER they become MQL’s!

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