It was Monday morning, 11 AM when I went to my boss and said, “I’m sorry, this job,’s not for me” and I left.

That was 11 years ago.

At 22 years old I landed my first real job fresh out of college ready to be a “career person.”

I crushed the interview.

But when I came into work for my first day at 10am, I quickly realized that I was scared sh**less of sales, and quit within the first hour.

For the next 3 years, I had PTSD and avoided sales like the plague.

I played it safe and stayed in my comfort zone.

No sales-related stuff whatsoever.

I lost my confidence

I lost my ambition

I missed career opportunities and wasted away my early 20s.

Fast forward 2021:

🎯I’m a 3X sales leader & 3X VP of Sales for B2B SaaS startups.
🎯I’ve built & scaled GTM AE teams from scratch.
🎯I've tripled ARR in 12 months for two different startups.
🎯I’ve trained AEs to consistently close 50+% of their sales demos.
🎯I’ve helped AEs hit >100% quota in less than 8 months.
🎯I’ve reduced AEs’ average sales cycle from 75 days to 30 days or less.
🎯I've demoed and closed major brands like 👉 Ikonick, Fanjoy, and more.

Present Day 2022:
➡️ Launched a B2B Sales training business called, FDTC (From Demo To Close)
➡️ Teach AEs how to close more sales without interrogative discovery or feature dumping
➡️ My students have seen a 68% increase in their demo win rates and have surpassed quota by 255%.

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