How to handle leads when the AE no longer works at the company?

Here's a recent scenario that happened to one of my clients that AEs and sales leaders deal with all the time:

One of your AEs no longer works at the company, so their deals get transferred over to another AE. What's the best way to handle these leads?

I recommend prioritizing those leads using my S.S.P. framework.

:::: STAGE:::: Filter all of your leads (including your inherited ones) by the stage in which they're in. Look for the deals that are in the stage closest to a closed won (whatever that is for you).

:::: SIZE:::: Run another filter to the stage based on the size of the deal (i.e. I'd recommend running it based on MRR/ARR for the deal once they close).

:::: PROBABILITY:::: By now you'll have a list of leads that are bottom of the funnel with a high upside if they close.

The last step is to go through the list based on the chance to close. Many companies have built-in probability per stage, so what you should look for is the level of engagement with the prospect (Gong has a cool feature that shows you a timeline of engagement with the prospect).

The takeaway: prioritize deals that are worth the work that has a higher chance to close.

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      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hi there! I completely agree with this approach to handling leads when an AE leaves the company. Prioritizing leads using the S.S.P. framework is a great way to make sure that you’re focusing your efforts on deals that are most likely to close. By filtering your leads by stage, size, and probability, you can quickly identify the deals that are closest to a closed won and have the highest potential value. This saves you time and energy and ensures that you’re working on deals that are worth the effort. Thanks for sharing this helpful insight!

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