Calendar Links in Emails - Good or Bad? (Appointment Scheduling Software)

Hello All,

We are looking at adding a Calendar Link in appointment setting emails and wondering if you do this too? These will be cold call emails and also to current customers.. I am leaning towards being against this mainly because I think it will make the email seem less personalized. But I would love your feedback on whether you think it's a "good thing" and if so, do you have a favorite appointment scheduling software you use? We would probably use Microsoft Bookings if we do implement the calendar links. Thank you for your feedback!

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    • 100% yes. Give your buyers the option to either reply to you or book a meeting without talking to you.

      With that being said – it also depends on your CTA.

      If your CTA is “interested in learning more?” – don’t include your meeting link. I’ve seen many cold outreach in the first half of their cadences only looking for interest.

      As you get to the latter of your sequences – I would suggest mixing up your CTA and maybe asking for time and that is where you can include your meeting link.

      ALWAYS include your meeting link in your signature.

      Was this helpful? Am I missing anything?

    • Agreed with @awong209! 100% yes.

      Calendar links are a great way to reduce the back and forth of finding a mutual time to meet.

      You can also add the link in a “PS.” below your signature. That way it could be included regardless of your CTA in the body of the email.

      I use calendly.

    • I have a calendar link in my signature line. Rather than go through a painful-back-and-forth to find a meeting time, I ask the party to check their availability, then find my availability and book a meeting directly “using the link below”. Its non threatening, always there and I never refer to it on a cold email…. but have had recipients of a cold email choose a time to speak. Now THAT’s an interested prospect!

      My regular clients know its there too, and use it. I want to be as available as possible to my clients.

    • I give people a choice. “If it is easier for you, here is my scheduling link”

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      2 weeks, 1 day ago

      I would divide between cold emails and current customers. For customers that you have a relationship with a calendar link is definitely the time-efficient way to go; Calendly is great. For cold emails, since the chance that anyone would schedule an appointment is so low, I would leave it out, mostly to reduce the number of links in the email; multiple links are a red flag for spam filters.

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      2 weeks ago

      Good morning Molly,
      Personally, I use Google Calendar, one 2nd alternative is Calendly, https://calendly.com/. My experience taught me that you need 7 personal human interaction to build the beginning of an honest person or business relationship. The speed of technology time to overlook this idea. With the Covid-19 and all the changes that are coming, I foresee fatigue and a lack of patience. I prefer to invest in the human component contact than in automation. Success.

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      2 weeks ago

      bad. You must have some sort of absolutely stellar product for them to take that next step. You have to drive it, especially on first touches.

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      1 week, 6 days ago

      I actually really like calendar links. I *DONT* like when reps send a cold email and tell me to click their link for a call. So when implementing this, make sure your team is trained on best practices. I am a huge fan of ChiliPiper! It’s super easy, affordable, and I think they just launched a free version!

    • Profile picture of Molly Riley
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      1 week, 6 days ago

      I really appreciate all the feedback. Thank you!

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