Michael is a Principal & Founder at Go-to-Market Pros. He was formerly an executive at Staples & Reebok. He founded his company 10 years ago to help companies drive revenue via market expansion, distribution channels and product line extensions.

Michael has scaled technology companies such as PlumChoice by more than 400% and led multi-million revenue growth initiatives for clients such as Iron Mountain.

Michael focuses on programs to drive NNPMs (Net New Prospect Meetings) Michael conducts research with leading sales teams and as a result has identified over 30 innovative programs to drive prospect meetings. One example is “Magnet Marketing”

Michael has held executive positions at Aptus Health (recently purchased by WebMD) PlumChoice & Student Advantage. Michael’s clients include Salesforce, Outreach, P&G, Salesforce, Accenture, Conde Nast, StitcherAds, QuickPivot, Nielsen, Deloitte, Exchange Solutions, Currnt, Irish Government & Catalyst, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Michael has an MBA from Babson College, Wellesley, MA and an undergraduate degree from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Principal & Founder

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