Hello everyone! I'm a B2B SaaS Advisor, and i have a question for you all!

Without any preconceptions or discussion previously had... What is the best way you have been prospected to?

We all have that one story that made us smile and got our attention so well, i asked a team member this recently. She said that in the depths of a normal email thread someone sent her a video that was casual, entertaining and wasn't even a pitch. They were already discussing tag-teaming on something, but it was this moment that she realised the power of video as she was actively laughing and smiling at her screen.

---- Fancy sharing yours?

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      6 days, 1 hour ago

      Similar to your story … Being on the receiving end of video prospecting really hits hard and makes you smile. By seeing these things in your inbox, it does inspire you to try out the same techniques!!🌟🌟

    • I had a really, really great experience once. I had gone on holiday and I came back to a lot of emails. I had an email with the subject line ‘Catch up on your emails with a coffee on me’ – inside, the rep had commented he’d noticed that I was on holiday and wanted to send me a coffee voucher so I could catch-up on my emails with a relaxing hot beverage.

      He referenced his original email would be in the stack somewhere and that’s he’d get back in touch to see if we could chat further.

      It was so refreshing to have my OOO acknowledged in such a way that didn’t feel pushy and I got a lovely Starbucks out of it. While we weren’t a match in business, I have never forgotten that company name and I reference this tactic A LOT.

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