Tips on Motivating an SDR Team

SDR's are the lifeblood of any sales team. They are on the front line, prospecting, and driving potential meetings for Account Executive. So what are the driving factors that motivates them?

Quotas and other quantifiable KPI's definitely play a factor in an SDR's motivation. But I would love to learn more about more motivational strategies that Sales Trainers are utilizing. In other words, other than providing metric-based goals, what are some of the best strategies to motivate each member of an SDR team, to feed that hunger and drive every single day?

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    • Profile picture of Myra Sugg
      ( 400 POINTS )
      2 weeks, 1 day ago

      I’m usually more data-driven than what I’m about to say, but with SDRs my experience has been to make them feel equal to the “real sales folks”, constantly validate their importance and contribution to the process and its results, and acknowledge the hard, repetitive and sometimes frustrating work they are doing.

    • Profile picture of Julian Alvarez
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      2 weeks ago

      We have been able to create and define a strong career path for our managers to lean on for motivation. Also, within there first 30 days we do a questionnaire of where they want to see themselves in 3 months, 6 months, and 2 years. Have them articulate what that is and why it’s important. This helps with long term vision and goal setting.

      At the end of the day we try our best to tap into their individual why. After we connect there we’ll coach and develop them to the best of our abilities, whether that’s sales skills or mindset.

    • Profile picture of Mark Bailey
      ( 260 POINTS )
      2 weeks ago

      Daily stand-up meetings where they learn from their teammates and take inspiration, weekly activity and result leaderboards, measuring against the key result of field readiness.

    • Profile picture of Renee Leclair
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      2 weeks ago

      I balance the day to day framework tasks with self awareness exercises, discovery time with cross functional meet up with other LOBs, I include them in bigger than self direction of the company. I also ask questions, get their feedback, ideas, concerns and thought sharing for innovation for change, improvement and growth.

    • Profile picture of Devan Batavia
      ( 250 POINTS )
      2 weeks ago

      Care and curiosity. Where do they want to be in 12 months? What do they want to learn? Constant training, learning, and making them feel like they are valued and cared for. Celebrate their successes and failures. 1:1 and team training. Give them chances they would not ordinarily get. I once help a competition – best SDR for a quarter gets to lead their own deal (be an AE for 1 opportunity) and it was more sought after than $$.

      • Profile picture of Neal Goyal
        ( 340 POINTS )
        2 weeks ago

        Love the idea of letting the best SDR lead an AE’s deal. That is a huge incentive that SDR’s would hustle for!

    • Profile picture of michal junas
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      2 weeks ago

      Team motivate mee?my gerlfrend no need me shiave everything im nothing

    • Profile picture of Chris Dankowski
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      2 weeks ago

      Starbucks gift cards, man. 😁 (kidding)

      As others have said, offer a clear career path. No matter how amped they are coming out of boot camp, they’re going to be eyeing a way up or out within 3 quarters.

      Also, help them understand how important their work is to the company. Run the numbers backwards, and put a dollar value to the company on each Opp they create. Connect those dots for them.

      Lastly, make their role less about quota and activity metrics, and more about prospecting metrics, ex accounts actively being worked, number of prospects in sequence, etc. Figure out how many prospects they need to sequence each day, and focus on that number. It’s an easy win, a good momentum builder, and it’s going to get them booked meetings and $$$$

      • Profile picture of Neal Goyal
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        2 weeks ago

        Wow, that is incredible feedback, and gave me a lot of insight. Thank so much for this!

    • Profile picture of Katie Ray
      ( 3.9k POINTS )
      1 week, 6 days ago

      I agree with needing to motivate your SDR’s outside of commission. Creating avenues for exposure and leading trainings will definitely motivate some, while others want other opportunities like leading small groups, being sent to work at a trade show, working inbound leads, etc. Also having a set career progression will be helpful too- so there’s no waiting around for a promotion.

    • Couple of ideas that I use with my team:

      – Take the time to understand what motivates each person and tailor your approach accordingly (e.g. competitive, financial, more of a soft touch approach, etc…)

      – Try and simulate the camaraderie of being in a bullpen remotely. We’ve doubled down on Slack, and have team call blocks so everyone’s doing the same thing at the same time.

      – Share win stories when someone books a meeting – e.g. how did you do it?

      – We do top calls of the week, where my team submits calls each week, we pick the best three, and then share those at our team weekly all-hands.
 Great way to increase awareness of the BDR function and pump the team up.
      – Our RevOps manager to built me a Slack bot so when someone books a meeting in Salesforce, it automatically sends out a notification to the go to market team and we all can celebrate!

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