Do you know that SMS messages open rate is up to 99%?


Do you know that SMS messages open rate is up to 99%?
So it makes sense to connect with your customers through a text messaging channel. In this article, we have collected everything you wanted to know about the most effective ways of sending text messages from Salesforce.

Check the best practices and AppExchange tools to set it up for your business 👇

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      Profile picture of Tess Brown
      ( 1.5k POINTS )
      2 weeks, 2 days ago

      Really interesting Nick!

      I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on something like voice notes via text message or Whatsapp! We’re actually doing a webinar on Thursday regarding how to best use video in prospecting, but I reckon these are relatively similar!

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        Profile picture of Nick
        ( 1.4k POINTS )
        2 weeks, 2 days ago

        Nice agenda for the webinar. We use such techniques in our workflow. Hope it would be useful for the sales community. We focus on Salesforce solutions and all the relevant questions.

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      Profile picture of Ansh Sdhana
      ( 345 POINTS )
      1 hour, 10 minutes ago

      Thank you so much for providing so much valuable information, Nick! After learning about all the possibilities of SMS Messaging campaigns, I’ve started initiating them for my small business as well.

      I’ve employed a lot of tools and practices you talked about for this campaign setup. Moreover, I’ve also made use of Aeroleads, which is a prospecting tool I’ve used a lot for cold emailing campaigns and it has always provided me with verified information for my prospects’ emails since they also specialize in finding verified mobile numbers. I am confident that with all the tips you’ve given and some verified leads from Aeroleads, this campaign is going to be a success.

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