Who "owns" the customer journey?

There needs to well though out RACI against each of the lifecycle stages, but who have accountability to ensure that the end to end journey continues to be relevant and actionable? Who is innovating on experiences?

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      9 months ago

      Great question @orrevops! In my experience, this ownership falls under Ops, especially RevOps. It is their responsibility to create a kind of frictionless, successful customer journey. This is done by empowering GTM teams with data and insights, as well as acting as a coach.

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        7 months ago

        Agree, it should be owned by RevOps including the Data Engineering/TechStack to implement the same.

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      9 months ago

      I’ve come back to this post now a few times hoping to see others have offered opinions on this, because as much as I’ve turned it over min my mind, I’m not sure I love my answer.

      I think the truth is that at a lot of organizations the customer journey really has no owner. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say that there are different owners for different pieces of the customer journey, but no single function/person’s responsibility to make sure those different pieces line up.

      But like you and I have talked about before, Rev Ops is perfectly positioned to take full ownership.

      One thing I wonder about sometimes, though: do you think an executive sponsor must first decide that responsibilities should be assigned, or is it possible for somebody to take full ownership of the journey (effectively) without top-level buy-in?

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        Profile picture of Harish M
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        9 months ago

        There in lies the a core fundamental organizational mindset that is required for revenue operations to succeed : collaboration and alignment on outcomes from the customer journey. The process of determining the core outcomes for a business and letting that activity be that be the guide to collaborating across teams on defining the journey is a critical foundation.

        RevOps’ role isn’t to tell every organization what to do; but rather be part coach and part Sherpa to ensure the right things are being done at each stage of the process to the benefit of the greater outcomes and not siloed measures

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      9 months ago

      Imo, this relies entirely on the partnership between RevOps and GTM. Open lines of communication, responsiveness, enablement, empathy and technical/strategic support given by RevOos to our GTM partners is what makes successful customers. So while the answer to the “who” is RevOps, I think the real hero is the strong relationship between RevOps and their GTM stakeholders.

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      8 months, 3 weeks ago

      RevOps should own the MAP and the WHEN of the journey (since revops should have all of the data to map and understand the journey) but Product Marketing should own the WHAT and the EXECUTION of the mapped journey. RevOps is not an external marketing team nor is marketing a sales enablement team. The truth is that most orgs are not large enough or sophisticated enough to clearly delineate these duties, much less the ownership.

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