Compensation/Quota Planning Consultant anyone?

Hi, Looking for a Sales Comp consultant for a few hours of work.

We sell one-time-project and monthly-recurring-revenue IT services with a small team of 5 outside sales reps. Due in part to Covid, our outside sales techniques that were local and personal (lunches, chambers, associations, sports) aren't working well. We are planning to bring on a few inside sales reps who really know the game of digital prospect research (Zoominfo, LinkedIn, etc.) and then working with Marketing to get them into appropriate drip campaigns and contact outreach (phone, email, social).

For that to happen, I need to redesign the existing sales comp plans and add an Inside Sales plan. We are small, so I don't need anything fancy (no accelerators, etc. just straight comp). I think we could use a very standard (template) plan for both types of positions. Would also like to look at a sales manager position comp plan as well.

For us the right Sales Comp Consultant would have experience with:
1 - Monthly Recurring Revenue mixed with One-Time Project comp plans
2 - Typical options for Inside Sales, I would like to reward IS for:
a. Adding new qualified prospects via data search/discovery
b. Increasing lead scores of prospects over time
c. Booking appointments for the Outside Sales Team

My thought is that someone out there probably has some simple comp plans for both IS and OS that they could customize by asking us a few smart questions.

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