I'm creating a compilation of the most useful linkedin advanced searches for salespeople. What are your favorite ones?

Even though not many salespeople are aware, you can use boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT on your LinkedIn searches when filtering for titles, for example.

I use this a ton while prospecting on LinkedIn to:

1. save time
2. get the exact customer persona I want

Sometimes these searches become very advanced with multiple operators to include certain seniorities and exclude other terms. So, I decided to note down my learnings about LinkedIn advanced searches so I can share them with you all in this community in the future.

Before I finish my compilation, I wanted to open up this discussion to see if you also had some great ideas to share.

I'll pick the best ones and add them to my compilation of use cases for salespeople.

So, what are your secret tricks when prospecting new customers on LinkedIn?

I'll start, this one is my favorite when filtering titles:

--> (Head OR Director OR Vice President) AND ("Department")

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      1 month ago

      I’d love to see this compilation. Could you please DM me when it’s ready?

      I often use the LinkedIn filters and then add a boolean keyword and a NOT keyword to further refine the search. I find that searching for accounts first and then looking at the employees works better than searching in the “lead” section.

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      3 weeks ago

      I have not been using anyone. Can you enlighten me more

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