Are champions born or created?

They've only gone and done it - Sales Impact Academy now have a trailer with Sir Clive Woodward himself!!
Clive is promoting his exceptional course 'DNA of a Champion' and almost 17 years to the day, after he led the English rugby team to victory!

This course is available to any SIA members, and you can be a member for as little as $750 a month - which gives you company wide access🚀

If this trailer doesn't get your heart beating, then we don't know what will... but here's some feedback from the last round of the course;

🌟 “Teamship - I will be taking elements of this and putting [it] towards our small team. There are many examples where unwelcome habits have slipped into the daily routine (poor punctuality, lack of meeting agenda etc) for some of the team. By applying teamship rules, we can work together to make the team run more efficiently”

🌟“It really helped me to understand the value of a mindset and a power of teamwork”

🌟“Good to focus on what contributes to making high performing teams”

🌟“Personal insights and stories were hugely interesting and powerful. The theory was in places, arguable but helpful to have frameworks and literature recommendations alongside these"

Hopefully you LOVE this as much as we do🥳

Introducing DNA of a Champion from Sales Impact Academy on Vimeo.

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    • Profile picture of Tiffany Frost
      ( 540 POINTS )
      1 week, 1 day ago

      This is a REALLY professional looking trailer, and looks fab! I took so much from this course during it’s first round, and am even tempted to sit it again for a refresher… Honestly such an achievement for SIA!!

    • No one is born a champion – it has got to be down to your mentality!
      I will be joining this course on the next run for sure…
      Building your team up to be champions is also crucial, as being a one man band holding everyone else up is NOT a good community and is NOT a good team!

      • I completely agree.. Having been on the first run through of this course with Clive, I find myself on the daily telling myself to be a sponge and take information in! One of the biggest things i took away from the course…

    • A champion is definitely created! All about your mindset!

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