New Year email cadences

Hello all - does anyone have any ideas for interesting New Year email cadences to prospects - thinking of setting up next year's cadences and wondering how to intro in the new year

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      2 months ago

      Tricky question, because I think there’s so much “it depends” here. I’ll give you some of my more general thoughts, but if you give us an idea of what you’re selling, to whom, and what your goals are (more opens, more meetings, new product, new territory, move upmarket, meet with more senior people, etc.) then we’ll see if we can get you more detailed responses. Some things to think about: – Are your prospects typically on a calendar fiscal year? If so, the new year is also a new budget, new goals, and maybe some new team members. – Lots of your competitors are going to try to do the seasonality thing too, and they’ll probably do stuff themed around resolutions, new year goals, etc. You can’t be better if you’re not different! See if you can get any insight into how they’re messaging and adjust accordingly. – Use the phone. In general, I’ve heard from people recently that salespeople aren’t using the phone enough when prospecting and that it’s the most effective channel for those who do use it.

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