As an SDR, what are the key challenges and roadblocks you want your Manager to help you tackle, remove or pivot upon?

We all want to win it with our SDRs. Can I retain them? Can I motivate them? Do they understand and believe in the business vision and directional vector? What do they need in a leader beyond open door policies, and a safe space to express fact based positions, oppositions, opinions, leadership, entrepreneurship and ideas? How can I find the right balance between the science of sales (flexible framework that provides the under-arching support to the goal KPIs) and the art of sales (where we get creative and strive for growth through learning experiences and successes) with them? I would love to hear from SDRs, or previous SDRs on these topics and more. What can we do for you? What would you love to see, utopian or otherwise?

Thank you for your participation in all capacities, stay safe and healthy!


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      1 week, 6 days ago

      Hi @reneejleclair
      One of my favorite things my SDR managers did for me was treat me as a peer. We would have discussions when I needed improvement. They encouraged us to really own our success and created a culture where asking for help was encouraged and where if we wanted to grow and do better, we could. We were able to lead our peers through lunch and learns, demos, etc.

      I, personally, wouldnt give creative license to young reps who havent proved themselves. Instead, make it something for them to work towards. Incentivize them, but not just with money (or else you can get reps who dont push themselves until there’s a spiff, etc.), but with long term goal achievement.

      Spend time figuring out what they want, long term, and what they want to accomplish. Help create plans that get them to where they want. Be clear on what they need to accomplish and stand firm with that. You cant change your mind ( you tell a rep to accomplish A,B,C, and D. They do that, and then you dont choose them for the opportunity- this creates a huge lack of trust and can ruin the relationships). Also, be willing to fire the toxic reps even if they are the highest performing. Great success is not an excuse for poor behavior.

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      1 week, 6 days ago

      Remove fear, anxiety, worry of rejection

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